Grade: all

#894. Seven-up

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Mon Dec 7 09:12:50 PST 2009 by Vickie Shook (Vickie Shook).
Blackburn Elementary, Hickory, NC
Materials Required: Students
Activity Time: As much time or as little time as you have
Concepts Taught: Spelling

The teacher chooses seven children to go to front of the room. The teacher then tells the rest of the class heads down thumbs up. The chosen seven children goes and touches the thumb of a child and then goes back to the front of the class. The teacher then announces heads up stand up. The children who had their thumb touched will stand up. I ask the child to spell a spelling word. If they spell it correctly they get to choose the person who they believe touched their thumb. If they guess right they go to the front and the child who touched their thumb sits down.If they guess wrong they stay at their seat. My students love this game. This is a game that is when you need a break this is a good game.