Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#896. Effects of lead poisoning on the human body

Science, level: Middle
Posted Fri Jun 18 09:13:21 PDT 1999 by Eldo R. Moeller (
Independence Community School, Independence, Iowa -USA
Materials Required: assignment sheet, acess to the Internet
Activity Time: 2 blocks of 90 min. + outside time

Outside assignment

due in two weeks from the date assigned

I. Content

A. To determine where lead can be found in the home .

B. To determine where lead can be found in industrial job sites.

C. To find the effects on the human body.

II. Why do this?

A. Pertains to our environmental setting not only at home but the job setting where we work.

III Assessment

A. Navigate and search the Internet for information on lead.

B. Evaluate the information that they have browsed on the net.

C. Come up with a checklist that the student may use in their home or place of work.

D. Reflect on their own environmental situation.

IV. Practice

A. Goal directed

B. Lab directed.

C. Teacher directed.

C. Use at least three of the search engines using the key words of ( lead + health )
1. askjeeves
2. excite
3. infoseek
4. looksmart
5. lycos
6. mamma
7. metacrawler
8. snap
9. yahoo

D. Life-saving skills. (What to do in case someone comes in contact with lead)

E. Make conclusions based on the readings found on the web sites when a person is exposed to lead.

F. Make a checklist by students to use in the home or place of work based on what was learned from the readings.

V. Essential learning.

A. The student will become a more knowledgeable individual.

B. The student will become a problem solver.

C. The student will be an effective communicator to others about the dangers of

D. The student will become a contributing member to our society.

E. Students will be able to use the skills of technology.

Mr. Eldo Moeller
Independence Comm. Schools
Independence,Iowa 50664
Science Instructor

Teacher Schedule

For block schedule (90 min,)


Lead and health concerns

Day 1

1. Give students hand outs they are to use and go through each section and explain.
2. Explain the time frame for them.
3. Paper must be at least three type written pages over the subject
with a cover page.
4. Go to lab and search.

Day 2
1. Continue search for materials on the internet.

Outside times schedule
1. Before and after school for use of the mac lab.
2. Teacher times to spent with students
A. Schedule arranged to stay 2 nights with them until 6:30 P. M.
3. Group checklist to be turned in to be used by individual students.

Complex thinking skills for student assessment
1. Problem solving
2. Decision making
3. Investigation

Teacher Eldo Moeller

Department/grade level Science/ 9th grade

Quarter/Year 1st and 2nd term

Standard uses technology to locate, evaluate and collect information

Benchmarks Applies search strategies to locate information on the

When using technology as a tool, allows the student to
development higher order thinking skills.

Unit Chemical elements

Instructional Materials

Handout sheets to each student

Use of the Mac Lab for review of web site on the Internet