Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#899. Spider Headband

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Mar 18 14:24:41 PST 1999 by Sheri Neeley (
Heritage Elem., Keller, Tx.
Materials Required: Black contruction paper and one black balloon
Activity Time: 15. min.

Cut one (1) 8 inch strip of black const. paper to fit around students head. Staple. Cut eight (8) 3 inch strips of black const. paper and fold back and forth to make accordian legs. Glue or staple to headband. Give students one round white construction paper or eight little dots for spiders eyes, glue to front of headband. Take a holepunch and punch one hole in back of headband. (Ahead of time ask a fourth grade class to blow up balloons.) Take one black balloon and push it threw the hole, this becomes the abdomen of the spider.