Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

#902. Personality of the Week

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat Mar 20 19:55:46 PST 1999 by Kelly Secrease (
North East Arkansas Comprehensive Learning Center, Jonesboro, Ar. USA
Materials Required: decorated pillowcase, large sheet of butcher paper, markers or crayons
Activity Time: circle time
Concepts Taught: Language development activity

Each week, set aside a time for, "Personality of the Week."
On the previous day, send the pillowcase home with the child chosen as personality of the week. A letter should be included explaining that the child is to bring items to school that tell something about himself and his family. Some suggestions might be photographs of child and family members, books, toys, and items that give some family history. The child shows these items during circle time. If the child has problems explaining about the items, ask questions to help. Then use the butcher paper to trace the child. Have the child leave the room. While he is gone, the other children tell something they like about the child. Write exactly what they say on the paper. When the child returns, read the paper to him. Then provide crayons or markers so the child can add body and facial features to his outline. When finished, display the drawing and the items brought from home together. This is a wonderful way to help raise a child's self esteem.