Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#905. Verbs / Simon Says

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 22 21:13:24 PST 1999 by Jo Anne Martin (
Materials Required: paper / pencil
Activity Time: 15 mins.
Concepts Taught: TSW recognize a verb as an action.

Verbs / Simon Says
The teacher will instruct and stress that verbs show the action of the sentence.
The teacher will instruct the students to get out a sheet of paper and a pencil.
The teacher will explain a different way to play "Simon Says."
The teacher will give a command of "Simon Says."
The students will write the verb only, on the paper, then do the action that Simon Says.
While the students are doing the action (example "Simon Says pat your head."), the teacher will go around and spot check to see if the verb (pat) is written on the paper of each student. If "head" is written on the paper, you know there is a reteaching opportunity. The student is probably patting his head. Ask, "WHAT are you DOING?" They will respond, "Patting my head." BINGO!
Jo Anne Martin