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#907. Game Shows in the classroom

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Posted Mon Mar 22 21:49:32 PST 1999 by Jo Anne Martin (
Materials Required: paper, pencil
Activity Time: About 20 mins per game
Concepts Taught: Characters/Feelings/Fact/Nonfact/Writing details/Vocab

March 22, 1999

I had a great Spring Break! I watched a lot of the GAMESHOW channel. I am so hooked on those old game shows. I have figured out how to incorporate my shows in my classroom lessons.

Characterization/ Fact and Nonfact
To Tell the Truth: After studying a topic such as George Washington, and learning many facts. Select 3 students to convince the class that they are the real George Washington. They must know their stuff, or bluff their way through the extensive questioning of the classmates. One sample question might be: What river did you make your famous crossing? The class will then decide whom the real George Washington is based on the answers of the 3 Georges.

Jeopardy: Answer - "Crossed the Delaware" Question - Who is George Washington?
This is also good for Main Idea questioning: Who, What, When, Where, Why or How

To get students to write MORE!
The Groucho Marx Show
Tell your students that you have a secret word. Then give them a topic. Tell them the more details and description they write the better chance of writing the secret word. The ones who write the secret word will get a prize (candy, extra computer time, free morning work card, etc.)

Play Password (partners give a one word clue (synonym) to describe the vocab word on the notecard)

100, 000 Pyramid: Give descriptive sentences to help a partners guess the correct vocab word.

Wheel of Fortune: A form of Hangman. Can be used with characterization clues and vocab.

Math / Prediction
The Price is Right: Higher / Lower
Put prices in order
Buy, Don't Bust over $20

Close activities / Main Idea / Inferencing / vocab
Match Game: Sample - George Washington helped the colonists gain their independence from Britain. He was so _____________________ , he became the first president of the United States. Possible answers: popular, well liked, famous, respected, trusted

Characters / Feelings / Relationships
The Newlywed Game: How well do the characters know each other? Partners will pick a character to represent. The Host will ask a series of questions to see which partners know each other the best. Sample:
Charlotte and Wilbur (Charlottes's Web), The boy and the rabbit (Velveteen Rabbit), Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, etc. . .

Facts Review
Tic Tac Dough: Use teams to review facts. When a team answers a question correctly, they will receive either an X or an O. The first team to get 3 in a row wins.

Fact / Nonfact
Hollywood Squares: A student is given a topic. If s/he knows about it, s/he will state facts. If not, s/he will bluff. The other students will decide whether statements made are fact or not.

If you know of any more, or have better ideas, please let me know!!!
Jo Anne Martin