Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#908. Frog Dissection

Science, level: Middle
Posted Thu Dec 10 23:37:19 PST 2009 by Lance Thompson (Lance Thompson).
Wayne State, Detriot, USA
Materials Required: Inspiration 8, frogs, dissecting kits
Activity Time: 2-3 class periods
Concepts Taught: Organ systems, biology

Student Teacher's Name: Lance Thompson Date: 12/9/09
Grade Level: 9 Topic/Unit: Frog Dissection School:

This lesson will cover a simple frog dissection. Major parts of the body will be pointed out with a brief description of its purpose.

Students will be expected to know after this lesson:
-The basic parts of major bodily systems
-The purpose of major organs

Learning Resources and Materials
-Inspiration software
-Computers with internet access
-Dissecting frogs
-Dissection tools

Development of Lesson
-Start lesson by opening up class to general questions on body.
-Discuss safety rules about dissection.
-Caution students on possible "gross factor".

-Start by pairing students up.
-Give each pair one frog and one dissection kit.
-Start up the Inspiration software and begin standard incision.
-Students are to take notes on the purpose of each organ and be sure to observe all aspects of said organ.
-Breaks are to be taken as each major system is completed for a short Q and A.
-If time runs short, stop early and instruct standard lab clean up procedure.
-Have students keep all waste together and refrigerate the frogs for next class period use.

If students are unable to cope with the live dissection, a virtual one will be offered via this link; Virtual Frog Dissection. Students will be paired up and will be expected to work together to help further the learning process. If a student is willing to participate but is unable to physically perform the dissection, the students' partner will be expected to explain what is going on and show the other student the proper parts.

A review session will be held after the final dissection day to discuss all the parts that we had gone over. As an additional assignment, have each pair look up additional information on one specific organ. During the following class period, students must take notes and will be expected to write up a lab report on the dissection.

Once the lab reports have been handed in, we will continue to discuss the necessary steps in keeping a proper lab report and how to act in a professional lab setting. We will then go over the importance of maintaining your body and the steps that you can take to having a healthy body.