Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#909. 3D shapes

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 22 23:57:11 PST 1999 by Alicia Hutton (
mmState school, Australia
Materials Required: Ice cream cones, Icecream, Any 3D materials children bring from home eg. cereal box etc
Activity Time: 25-35 min
Concepts Taught: Introducing the concept of 3D shapes

For those teachers who are just introducing 3D shapes this is a good strating point.
Ask children to bring any 3D shapes they may have at home, prior to conducting the lesson.
Ch'n sit in a circle, place all materials in the middle of the carpet. Ask ch'n to sort according shape, size, colour etc
Introduce the correct terminology, this ball shape is now called a sphere etc.
Draw cartoon 3D shapes on paper and all decide what there name will be eg, Sarah the Sphere Celine the Cylinder.List there properties faces corners etc
Ask ch'n to write a sentence about each shape. The ball is a sphere shape.
continue with symmetery etc
Just a few ideas that have worked well in my classroom.