Grade: Advanced
Subject: Language

#914. English as a Second Language to Hispanic Children

Language, level: Advanced
Posted Thu Mar 25 09:50:23 PST 1999 by Evangelina Hapanowicz (
school, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Materials Required: Exercises, games, plans.
Activity Time: Games

I made a course with 24 Units but we could make it with 12 (2 units per class)
There are 2 kinds of units. One with Grammar exercises and one with Vocabulary exercises. They are: One Grammar one, one Vocabulary one, etc. And there is a review after 6 units. I'll show you only 6 units.

These are them:

1 Regular Events

Grammar: Present simple active & passive; frequency expressions; present continuous.

2 Around the house

Vocabulary: Labour -- saving devices
Reading activity: Snow house

3 Past Events

Talking about past events and actions; saying when things happened.
Grammar: Past simple and continuous; past time expressions; subject & object questions; past simple passive

4 Money

Vocabulary: cost and value; using money; expenses, bills & taxes
Reading activity: Game: Can you make a million?

5 Obligation

Obligation and permission in the present and past; freedom from obligation
Grammar: (don't) have to; (not) allowed to; can('t); make & let; freedom from obligation structures.

6 On Holiday

Vocabulary: types of holiday; holiday activities; holiday equipment.
Reading activity: Culture Shock