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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#915. Blue Jean Pocket Easter "Baskets"

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Mar 25 17:56:12 PST 1999 by Lisa Hall (hallsherd@hotmail.com).
Carter's Valley Elementary, Church Hill, Tennessee
Materials Required: Old blue jean pockets (back and wasteband attached); colored felt; slick paint; glue; Easter grass
Concepts Taught: Easter Craft

1. Begin asking for old blue jeans from parents in February. Cut the pockets with the back (including the waistband) attached.

2. Cut egg shapes from pastel colored felt.

3. Place the felt egg on a paper plate and decorate with slick paints. Let dry overnight.

4. Glue the felt egg onto the pocket. Decorate the pocket with dots of slick paint around the edges of the pocket.

5. Write the name with slick paint on the waistband part. (An adult may want to do this for small children.) Let dry overnight.

6. Fill the pocket with grass.

I put a small treat in their pockets each day the week of Easter. The children are excited to arrive each day to see what the "Teacher Bunny" has left for them.