Grade: Elementary

#919. Reciprocal Reading

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Mar 27 02:28:27 PST 1999 by Thelma White-Horton (
Peskoe Elementary school, Miami-USA
Materials Required: self made bookmark, see through ruler, or white paper strip. Bookmark is best when made in school
Activity Time: Reading with One Voice
Concepts Taught: Reading fluency, reducing blocks to comprehension, focusing in on a word, relationship between words


Objective: To reinforce clear focus and true comprehension of reading material
Activity: Each student is shown how to make her/his own bookmark. The bookmark is laminated for use throughout the year.
Students are told to turn to a page in their reading book: They may choose to read material other than their basal, but there must initially be enough copies for all students. The Reading segment can begin with an expanation of why the bookmark is being used and how it is to be used. The students use the bookmark by placing it under the sentence they are to read. They follow in this way until the entire class can read in unison, aloud. If words are missed, then just as in a chorus, they will be clearly heard by the teacher. Then remediation can begin. Reading Aloud with bookmarks is an excellent way for the children to hear themselves read. They will be forced to focus in by use of the bookmark. The teacher can model the way a written sentence should be read. Punctuation can be emphasised and unacceptable pronounciation can be captured and corrected at the same time. If Reciprocal Reading is done correctly, it can bring a child's reading level up by two to three grade levels withing six to nine months.

Materials: Student Made Bookmarks, basal or sufficient copies of any materials to be read, safe teaching and learning environment for the student.

Homework: Have the students expand on their vocabulary skills by choosing the words they had the most trouble with and keeping a journal of those words in their reading portfolio (desk folder). Have the students share five of their words each day with the other students.

Evaluation: Students can critique the vocabulary selections of their peers. Teachers can assist by making sure only positive criticism is used. If their are spelling errors, students should be encouraged to correct those errors at their convenience as the portfolios will be taken up on a designated day and corrected by the teacher. Make sure all bookmarks are kept. When students misplace their bookmarks they should be encouraged to make another one immediately.