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#92. Kid Pix Around the World

other, level: Middle
Posted by Lee A. James (
Brazoria Intermediate, Brazoria, USA
Materials Required: Computer, Copy of Kid Pix (a book called "Kid Pix Around the World" is useful but not necessary)
Activity Time: 2 45 minute class periods
Concepts Taught: Students use "Kid Pix" and Mutli Cultural Stories to create art on the computer

Read the story that accompanies the book "Kid Pix Around the World." (If you don't have the book, choose a short story on the Inuit people. Discuss how the Inuits "wrote" their adventures on their paddles. Show examples. Take them through the tools they will need in Kid Pix for this lesson. Work a lesson together and then have them write their own "Inuit" story using Kid Pix.

The book has many wonderful ideas from different cultures.