Grade: all
Subject: Games

#922. Pictionary Charade Review

Games, level: all
Posted Sun Mar 28 06:48:52 PST 1999 by CQuirk (
Materials Required: Concepts studied, chalk board, chalk
Activity Time: 20-40 min.
Concepts Taught: Review Prepositions (or other topics)

To review Prepositions, I had written down 75 names of songs that contained prepositional phrases on strips of paper. The steps for the game:
~ Cut out each prep. phrase individually & fold in half
~ Break the class into two teams
~ Two students from one team go to the board
~ Students choose one song out of a hat
~ Together the students use pictionary and/or charades to
get their team to say the name of the song for a point
~ A second point is earned when the team identifies the
prepostional phrases within the song. One point for each