Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

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#93. Poetry in Gases

Science, level: Senior
Posted by Michael H. Edmondson (
Muscogee County School District, Columbus, Ga. USA
Materials Required: Pencil, paper
Activity Time: 1 class period or homework
Concepts Taught: Physical Properties of Gases

Have your students (after sufficient study) let you know what they know about (for example) gases/ physical properties of gases.

A couple of samples are pasted here:

The Ballad of a Gas

Oh, teeny-weeny molecule,
A diatomic gas,
you have a lot of qualities
that always, always last.

You never, ever take a break,
you always move around;
I never know where you will go,
it's something I have found.

You always fill the space you're in
and won't lose energy,
when you collide with your best friend,
you bounce off happily.

The pressure that you're always in
can change the way you act.
If it goes down, your volume grows,
I can tell you it's a fact.

The temperature that you reside
is very similar.
But as you cool, your volume shrinks,
You shiver, and say, "Brrr!"

Oh, little gaseous molecule,
I love you through and through;
but my heart breaks, and how it aches
When someone smells like you.

Ahmad Hernandez
Student, Chemistry 1992-93
Michael H. Edmondson
701 Front Avenue
CColumbus, Georgia 31901

Molecule Poem

We are forever in motion
Never resting, always moving, imagine that notion.
Bouncing off everybody.
And everything at that.
We can be made round, square or even flat
Restricted only by our container.
Forever bouncing and restless.
Even when it's cold
We draw in close and grab hold.
But we still continue to move ever so slightly.
Even when it grows warm and we tend to expand
We continue to bounce off each other ever so quietly
But at our level it's really not quiet,
It sounds and feels just like a riot.
This is how it feels to be a gas molecule.

Barry Bransford
Student, Chemistry 1992-93
Michael H. Edmondson
701 Front Avenue
Columbus, Georgia 31901