Grade: Pre-School

#930. Phonics Revision Game

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Mar 30 05:10:46 PST 1999 by K Beveridge (
Materials Required: Chalkboard or displayed flashcards with the known sounds on them.
Activity Time: Approximately 5 minutes.
Concepts Taught: Revising familiar sounds, listening skills, joining in with a rhyme.

I learnt this game while on Prac., from a kindergarten teacher at Cobar, so I am unsure where it comes from or who devised it.
I play this game with my kindergarten class as a lesson break during the day and as revision of taught sounds. Display learnt sounds on the board (if I am learning a sound that week I may draw shapes, e.g. apples for 'a', and write the sound inside the shape.).
Choose 1 child to be 'in', the child turns away so they can't see the sounds, another child comes to the board and chooses a sound. The whole class repeats this rhyme with appropriate actions:
"Charlie over the ocean, Charlie over the sea,
Come back Charlie and show the sound to me."
'Charlie' (the child who is 'in') has 3 guesses and phrases his guesses: "Was it...a?" etc. The whole class answers: "No it wasn't ..a" or "Yes it was ..a".
If 'Charlie' guesses correctly within 3 turns, he may choose the next 'Charlie'.