Grade: Senior

#933. Napoleon forges an Empire

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Fri Dec 11 18:56:10 PST 2009 by Mary Edmonds (Mary Edmonds).
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Activity Time: 1hr and 30mins
Concepts Taught: Napoleon, Empire

Lesson Overview
Lesson Plan Title: Napoleon forges an Empire
This lesson is for a 9th grade World History honors class on a block schedule. It is designed for students to gain a general understanding of who Napoleon was and what he accomplished. Hopefully by using technology familiar to them (the Facebook), students will be more likely to engage themselves in this material and enjoy. Also by having students map Napoleon's conquests, they will develop an appreciation of the true extent of what he was able to accomplish.
Subject Area(s): Social Studies

Grade Level:9th grade

Targeted State Content Standards:
Standard GS-3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the influence of the Western world in the spread of new ideas that took place from the Renaissance through the Eighteenth century.

Student Objectives/Learning Goals:
Students will be able to explain the circumstances in France that allowed Napoleon to come to power.
Students will be able to map Napoleon's rise to power.
Students will be able to define the Napoleonic Code.
Students will be able to list the ways Napoleon was able to restore order to France.
Students will be able to explain in what way Napoleon's rise to power ended up benefiting the United States.
Procedures: (Steps to teach lesson; include teacher preparation activities)
25min PowerPoint Lecture on the Rise of Napoleon
I will begin by reminding the class about the state of France when we left off before their test. I will then discuss the life of Napoleon and how the circumstances in France made it possible for him to rise to power. I will go over the timeline of his rise to power. I will also discuss how his rise to power affected the situation in the United States i.e. The Louisiana Purchase.
20min Napoleon Facebook Page
Students will be divided into pairs and be expected to create a Facebook profile for Napoleon Bonaparte. If they do not finish it, they will be expected to complete it for homework. Though they will work in pairs each student must have a copy of the profile.
20min Napoleon's Footsteps
I will then handout blank maps of Europe and students will be expected to map the important events in Napoleon's life/career. After students have completed their maps they will turn them in and receive their quiz.
10min Napoleon Quiz
Students will complete a quiz on Napoleon and turn it in. When they turn it in, they will receive a treat. This quiz is not for a grade but for me to be able to assess what information they have taken from the lesson.
Approximate Time Needed:
1hr and 30mins
Materials and Resources Required For Unit
Printed Materials: World History: Patterns of Interaction. 2005. Evanston, Illinois: McDougal, Littell Inc. (Student Textbook)
Napoleon Quiz

Supplies: Color pencils, Smartboard, PowerPoint
Internet Resources: Map of Europe

Student Assessment: Students will receive a grade on the "Napoleon's Footsteps" map based on the criteria laid out. Students will receive credit for completing the Napoleon quiz and not on the accuracy of their answers. Students will also receive a grade for their Facebook Profile of Napoleon based on the criteria laid out as well as for originality/creativity.