Grade: Advanced
Subject: Literature

#935. Descriptive Activity

Literature, level: Advanced
Posted Thu Dec 17 14:50:29 PST 2009 by Angela Khristin Brown (Angela Khristin Brown).
urban poetry movement
College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Using Powerful Words

Start with word expressions. On the topic love, write words associated with who you love. Use discriptive words on what love one means to you. You are looking at discriptive words on appearance: his brown wavy hair, her soft smile, his braud shoulders, ect. Use a diagram to connect thoughts. How did he make you feel under distress, when you a most sad, what makes you happy, what upsets you...just the little things that mean a lot to you. compare and contrast ideas finding diferences and simularities. with enough said begin to write the poem on love using your ideas of what is most significant values you have for him or her. look up words in thesaurus for additional adjectives you can use to desribe your feelings and emotions. use these additional words in your poem.