Grade: Advanced
Subject: Literature

#936. Structured Poem

Literature, level: Advanced
Posted Thu Dec 17 14:58:35 PST 2009 by Angela Khristin Brown (Angela Khristin Brown).
urban poetry movement
College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Activity Time: 30 minuites
Concepts Taught: Using Powerful Words

Write on loss. Think of three topic heading you want to use in your poem: the beginning, the middle and the ending. If I were to write about loss, I would discuss in the poem the beginning of how we met, the middle of our emotions and the ending when we parted. The poem is describing your emotions not just thoughts. You need to express your inner mood with empathy for losing this person. Jot down when we first met it made me feel ___. when i learned about your illness it made me feel___ all these emotions. and after i loss you i felt ____ how devestated and hurt i feel for your loss. each line should express feelings for the person. using many adjectives to describe your yearning mood.