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#938. Easter, Eggs Part 1

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Posted Fri Apr 2 13:35:36 PST 1999 by Djinn/ and many others! ().
From the chatboard,
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Here are the latest Easter ideas from the Chatboard and ECE mailring.
Re: Easter Baskets
Posted by Valerie on 3/30/99
What about taking a white lunch size type bag and making one from that? You open it and cut out large "u"s on the sides. then staple the top together toward the edges. This is where you'll put the ears and what will form the handles. Draw or use construction paper for the bunny features. Add grass and
there you are... I hope I explained this well. Maybe someone else has a better explanation. Good luck.

Re: Easter Baskets
Posted by Paula R.,, on 3/30/99
How about using two paper plates. Cut one in half and glue or staple that to the front of the other, back side facing front. Using the other half, cut ears and glue those to the back of the
whole plate. Children then draw bunny's face on the plates. Fill front pouch with grass and candy. Paula

Re: Easter Baskets
Posted by S.J. on 3/30/99
Cameo, Dixie cups (cute floral design) with a handle added will work. I've also made rabbit cutouts and mounted them around the Dixie cup so that the rabbits legs wrap around the cup and the head peeks over the top of the cup. A cotton ball can be glued to the back side of the rabbit for a tail.If you are not convince that you need a basket---this is what I've been doing for the last few years.
1. sandwich bag with a small amount of candy/candy eggs(the cheap kind where the top just rolls shut)
2. staple a bag topper in the Easter theme---a number of years ago Copycat had a Chick topper--to the top. The children color the topper and put their name on it. You could create your own topper---some simple Easter theme pictures(the width of a sandwich bag and as tall as you think appropriate). I like this much better than the basket format--no loose candy or things to tip over---really do not need Easter grass for
filler:). If you wanted to be a little more creative, the students could be given an appropriate size sheet of paper and they could create their own topper design. S.J.

Re: Easter Baskets
Posted by Nedra
Thanks for some new ideas. I'll keep them for next year. I use a milk carton (1/2 pt.) and cut off the top. The kids glue cotton balls all around it and glue on a head from construction paper-it has the face and ears. We glue an extra cotton ball on for the tail. It's messy but cute. Nedra

Re: Easter Baskets
Posted by Kathy/K2 on 3/31/99
I used the little green berry baskets. You can either weave them with pastel yarn or I had my K,1,2's weave with 1inch strips of construction paper. Came out cute and very easy.

Re: Please help: Easter Bonnets.
Posted by Wendy
Don't know if you have heard of this hat idea, but it is always a success. Get two big sheets of newspaper...lay them over top of the child's head, hanging down over their face...they always
love this....then have another child help hold the newspaper on the child's head while you wrap masking tape around the head about forehead level, all the way around....I usually wrap about two times around....then you roll the newspaper up towards the child's head...forming a brim all the way around...if you roll it tight enough it will stay but I usually reinforce with a few staples...then take the hat off and have the child decorate it with tissue paper flowers, old bows, etc. I make these every year and everyone loves them....hope you can understand these directions.

Re: eggs and Easter
Posted by Grace/K/CA,
I don't have it here at home, but in the April/May issue of the Mailbox magazine, kindergarten edition, there is a whole unit with egg activities. I can't remember them all offhand. One is a class book, featuring egg laying animals. The child draws the animal on a solid egg shape. Then he writes the name of the animal on the paper beneath the egg. You take a second egg shape and cut it on a zigzag line, and
fasten the two pieces on top of the solid egg with a paper fastener. This is glued to a 9 x 12 sheet of paper. each child's page is placed behind another page in the book that reads, "knock, knock, who's oviparous?" It makes a cute book. Also, we are using colored plastic eggs, sorting them by color and recording on a graph. There is also a science egg activity. Each child brings a hard boiled egg. They measure their egg, weigh it, place it in water to watch for displacement & several other activities. I don't know how clear this is. If you have questions, you can e-mail me. Your best bet would be to get a copy of the magazine. I
don't have a scanner, or I would send it to you. Hope this helps. Grace

Re: eggs and Easter
Posted by Donna
The best thing I have done in the past is to read Chickens Aren't the Only Ones. Talk about oviparous animals. Then get some small plastic spiders, snakes, insects, etc. (anything oviparous) and get a can of biscuits. Fold the plastic animals into the biscuit and form into an egg shape. Then bake like the directions on the can state. When they are done, take them into class and give each child an "egg" to open and see what their animal is. It is a great springboard activity for creative writing!!!! Have fun.

Re: Dying Easter Eggs..HELP!
Posted by SheriB on 3/30/99
MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER -Try crepe paper soaked in water- it's very easy but use gloves the dye is very strong (if the kids wash their hands right away they should be OK). Or else
tissue paper - leave on longer and soak paper in water.Just take off and... voila!! Beautiful colors. Mix paper for a better egg.You can have the kids draw on the egg using a candle or crayons Hope it helps

Re: Dying Easter Eggs..HELP!
Posted by SarahW/2/TX on 3/30/99
If you insist on dye-- the "paste" food colors are more intense. Craft stores (and Wal-Mart) carry them in their cake decorating area. For the eggs I would use with the vinegar as you have done before.

Re: Dying Easter Eggs..HELP!
Posted by JAS/2/OH on 3/31/99
We always use the plastic cups with the dye already in them. They are Super Color Cups by PAAS. Just add water to the line and a little vinegar. Easy disposal (or keep the cups for planting)and the colors are bright enough. They are kind of hard to find sometimes so we always pick up a couple packages when we
see them.

Re: Try
Posted by Debbie on 3/31/99
We used a new kind of dye this year. We found it at Target. You put the eggs in a plastic bag (provided), add 3 drops of color of 2 or 3 colors and rub the outside of the bag to get the colors on the eggs.Really bright colors without the mess. I think one box was about $1.69 and colored more than 12 eggs. We threw some of the dye away.

Re: Try this too..oops
Posted by LLC on 3/31/99
After you dye your eggs, reuse dye to "dip and dye" coffee filters. These make pretty flowers. (Get a Headstart on Open House)

Re: Dying Easter Eggs..HELP!
Posted by Linda
I just dyed 50 eggs and used only vinegar and food coloring no water. They turned out well. Hope this helps.

Re: Symmetry with Easter eggs
Posted by Susan on 3/30/99
Just today I saw a cute symmetry idea in an AIMS book:
1. Fold a paper Easter egg in half. (from 8 1/2 by 11 paper)
2. One student decorates one side.
3. Pass egg to another student, they have to copy the first side.

Post: Easter Egg Glyph
Posted by Gail S./Detroit on 3/23/99
I've created an Easter Egg glyph that I would like to share. It starts with a large coloring-book type egg that I copied from the curriculum lab. It has a squiggly ribbon design on the edges with tiny drops by it. You can use any egg or have them cut out their own. Here are the directions I am using:
Color of egg--to show how you like your breakfast eggs--pink=scrambled, light blue=fried, yellow=hard-boiled, mint green=soft-boiled
Color of squiggly line on edge of egg shows what meat you like with your eggs--red=bacon, purple=ham, green=sausage
Color of drops by squiggly line show what kind of toast you like--orange=wheat, aqua=white, blue=rye
Design on major surface of egg shows favorite juice--zigzag=orange, polka dots=apple, stripes=grapefruit
Sticker in middle of egg shows what kind of starch you like with your eggs--bunny sticker=hashbrowns, chick sticker=country fries, Easter egg sticker=grits
Of course, modify as needed. Have fun!

< Re: An EGG craft activity to use
Posted by Marie/2nd/NY on 3/23/99
I did this craft activity with my kids last year and they loved it. We'll be doing it again this year too! It's easy to do and easy to clean up from.
1. Get one plastic Easter egg per child.
2. Get one small piece of sandpaper per child.
3. Cut several strips of tissue paper into small 1" x 1" squares. (Lots of different colors or designs work best.)
4. Model for the kids how to sand down their egg to make the sides "rough".
5. Let kids pick out about 10 tissue squares apiece.
6. Show kids how to dip the tissue square into a diluted glue and water mixture until it's completely wet.
7. Wrap the egg with the paper.
8. Let dry for a day or so.
These turn out beautiful and the kids often give them to family members for gifts. Good luck!Marie

Re: An EGG craft activity to use
Posted by Paula R.
Marie- Do you think before it dries we could shake or roll the egg in clear glitter to give it a sparkle effect? I may also glue a ribbon on top to hang it with. Could you please let me know about the glitter. Thanks-Paula R.

Re: Eggs!
Posted by kc/k/mi on 3/23/99
Hello! We are learning about letter Ee this week (Catholic School) so I am incorporating eggs into this letter. We will: Have an egg hunt were a plastic egg is filled with one item(jelly beans, candy, marshmallows, gummy bears, etc. ). The students will find one egg, draw what it looks like, shake, smell, and guess what is inside (draw guess). They will finally get to open it and enjoy!
Test two eggs by spinning them to see if a hard boiled egg spins faster or slower than a uncooked egg.
Place an egg in a clear cup with regular water and one in a cup with salt water. Make predictions before hand and then check results.
Color eggs, peel off shell, use shell pieces to make letter Ee
Discuss what animals come from eggs. Make a list first, then find an informational book that describes animals that come from an egg. Chickens Aren't The Only Ones by Ruth Heller is a good book
I hope the ideas help.

Re: Science with eggs
Posted by DianeZ,, on 3/26/9
I might be too late to give you any ideas, but here's one that was enjoyed here!
We were studying the human body, and were talking about calcium for bones and digestion (among other things!). We took a hard-boiled egg and put it into vinegar - the results are pretty dramatic. As the shell dissolves, the egg bubbles and moves up and down (if you use a glass jar, you can really see this!), then rolls around and around. Eventually, the shell (calcium) will dissolve completely in the vinegar
(acid). (overnight usually)Then, you can put the egg into water. The water will (by osmosis) penetrate the membrane and the egg will swell up. You can then move the egg into corn syrup and the water will (reverse osmosis) go back out into the syrup and form a bubble around the egg. If you leave the egg in longer, the water from the white will also come out, and the egg gets very hard. You can put it back into vinegar for a day or two to "re-hydrate" it. We ended up by first putting the egg into water overnight, then into water colored by yellow food coloring for a few hours; then we put it into blue overnight, and cut the egg open. My kids guessed it would be green.The egg will not stink as it "pickles" and this will work as long as you don't break the membrane!

Re: Quick and Cute Easter craft needed today!!
Posted by Cindy,
A fun project to do is to "paint" using light Karo syrup.My kids just made Easter eggs and they turned out
beautiful! Using a paint brush (at least 1" size) have the children paint the Karo syrup on your chosen design. For example, I had an egg shape cut out of tagboard, however construction paper works, too. Have the kids paint a thin layer of karo syrup on the shape. After that add a couple of drops of food coloring (I used liquid water colors because of the bigger variety of colors). Using the paint brush, swirl the food coloring into the karo syrup that is already painted on the shape. Let them dry overnight. If the syrup is too
thick it takes longer to dry, so the thinner the better. You could do a flower shape or a kite or anything you can think of for Spring.

Re: Quick and Cute Easter craft needed today!!
Posted by Megan,
Have tried Easter baskets? Buy at the dollar small plastic baskets and have the girls decorate it with different colors of tissue paper or anything that is artsy.Beads, feathers, lace, rick rack, etc. then fill with the fake grass for Easter day.

Re: Quick and Cute Easter craft needed today!!
Posted by CJ
This is something I've done that looks somewhat like stained glass Easter eggs when you're done. Relatively quick and easy... Place bright colored crayon shavings on a piece of waxed paper. Over top, place another piece of waxed paper. Using an iron, melt them together -- the crayons will melt and look very pretty.
Using a large egg pattern, have each kid trace two eggs on construction paper. Cut out the eggs. They then have to cut out a design (or non-design) in the middle. It's best to have them draw a design with pencil on one of the eggs. Remind them that these designs will be cut out, so they can't be too elaborate. Some kids simply leave an outside border and cut out the remaining inside; others cut zigzag patterns... whatever... Then paper clip (or staple for more stability) the two eggs together. Have them cut out the design -- cutting both eggs at the same time. For first graders, you may want to start the cutting -- it's often too hard for them to cut the inside of something without cutting through the edge.
Once you have the two eggs' insides cut (the eggs must be cut the same), take them apart. On one of the eggs, put glue on the remaining part. Center the waxed paper over the egg. Then put glue on the remaining part of the other egg. Lay it on top of the waxed paper, making sure the cut out patterns match. Trim the waxed paper so you only see it in the middle.Once they are dry, it's neat to hang them up so the light
shines through them. My kids really enjoyed doing this and they look great when completed. CJ

Re: Need help on Easter RABBIT ideas
Posted by Barb S.
I did this with my class last year, and it was a riot! I had about 4-5 kids bring in candy for our Easter Baskets, like I do every year. (I brought some in too!) We put the candy on the reading table and wrote a note to the Easter bunny asking him to fill our baskets and then put them on each of the students' desk.
In the morning, there was nothing there, except some empty bags of candy and Easter grass. The bunny left a note stating that he did, indeed, fill the baskets but took them with him. He will leave another note later that day on where to look for them.To make a long story short, all day the kids kept looking for
clues. Finally, after our last recess, the bunny had left his first clue, and the scavenger hunt began. We were upstairs and down. At the end, the baskets were back in our room. (I had recess duty that day, so the kids couldn't say that I was the bunny! With some wonderful secretaries.......the job was easy!)When I wrote the clues from the bunny, I used Print Shop. It has certificates with signatures, and The Easter Bunny was one!
The kids loved it!

Dear Beverly,
I have to try your paper plate baskets. I do something that is similar with my 3 year olds. I cut out contrasting colored circles from construction paper in a circle shape the size of a record. This year I used turquoise and Yellow. The children flower printed the turquoise circle with yellow and pink paint using real flowers. After they were dry, I showed them how I was going to make a basket with them by painting the insides of a yellow circle and the painted circle with liquid starch. I then molded it over an upright
mayonnaise jar with a rubber band around the paper and I fluted the edges. (It ends up looking like a lamp shade.) The next day it was stiffened and I took it off and voila....a basket! Jan in Ca.

Today is my first day on the listserve and I noticed some great ideas for Easter baskets. Here is what we do. I purchase square, Styrofoam "to go" containers, which the kids cover in cotton balls. Then they draw, cut and glue construction paper ears on the back. We use either the top or the front for the face (kids'choice). I like blue or pink googly eyes (we also put out other supplies), a pink upside down heart for the nose and either pipecleaners or other materials for whiskers. Then, the bunnies are magically stuffed with grass, candy and stickers when the kindergartners aren't looking! Everyone loves them.

It would also be fun to let the kids cover margarine containers and see what other kinds of baskets they could make out of the container....what different types of spring decorations they might include with a variety of materials. Kids seem to love fabrics and sewing trims quite a bit, buttons, beads, all kinds of colored papers, wallpaper scraps, and so on. MaryAnn F. Kohl

I also made some cute Easter baskets....really SIMPLE, but they turned out really cute and they were sturdy to hold their eggs and things. I took margarine containers and we cut two strips of construction paper to glue around the edges. It doesn't matter if they touch or not, because you then glue a cut out shape of a bunny head to cover one of the openings. Then glue some cotton to the other to make his/her (I was INFORMED that I should not refer to them as "he" bunnies by a little girl today!). Anyways... then we glued on a pink nose and the inside of the ears in pink, and drew the eyes, mouth and whiskers. Then I punched holes on each side and the kids twisted pipe cleaners together and I looped them in for handles. They sound corny, but with the kids' "touch" they turn out adorably cute. I always get so many of those containers and never know what to do with them, so this was a good way to use them!

Hi All,
I made easy adorable Easter baskets today! Take a large paper plate. Have the children color both sides--use all their bright colors--color all the white spots. Then dip them in water--place over a coffee can--secure with a rubber band. Flute the edges. In a couple of hours they will be dry. Punch two holes on either side and use a pipecleaner for a handle:-) I also took each of my kiddos pictures complete with bunny ears and painted noses--We will put them inside of bunny shaped cards that say Somebunny Loves you Enjoy the long weekend:-)Beverly

Well, not exactly but you might be able to fit it in and it is very cute: We 'grow carrot hair'. Just cut the top of a carrot (1 for each student) and place in a clear plastic cup of water. (Just enough so 80% of carrot is
covered/ not floating) Change @ 1 - 2 days. (Don't let carrot dry) Keep in a sun spot/ begins to grow 'hair' 3 or 4 days. Cute if you have a bunny pattern (size to fit on copier) and the bunny is taped to ea. cup, looking in at the carrot. Let each student bring home in app. 2 weeks. Lots of books to go with (check your library) "Carrot Seed" .... Look up root veg. for factual info. Laurie

Here's one that's hard to explain but very cute. (orig, for Val. Day/maybe from Mailbox??) Make 1 heart and draw a cute bunny face on it ( app. size 5 x 7 paper size or smaller) Then make another bib one. (nearly 8 x 10) On the big one, print"Somebunny loves you..." Round the corners of the big one a little bit. Both should be on hot pink Constr. paper. Kids cut hearts out. Turn big one UP side down, add little face on top w/ glue; make light pink bunny ears and glue on; add cotton tail on the back /adorable. Try 1 at home:EZ

juliemae 3/27/99 12:04 AM
There are lots of ways to decorate tagboard egg shapes....bits of tissue paper put on with watered-down glue, marble painting, puff painting, colored corn syrup (can add glitter; be prepared for a long drying time,
depending on humidity where you are) or evaporated milk tinted with food coloring...both make for a nice shiny finish. OR Cut paper towels into large egg shapes. Children decorate by dropping colored water on with eye dropper....lovely as the colors mix. Mount on a construction paper background when dry.
Graph how you like to eat eggs...hard boiled, scrambled, fried. OR Do individual graphs of individual portions of jelly beans.
Circle....I write review questions for units we've done during the year. Put one each in a plastic egg and put the eggs in an Easter basket. Kids pick one and see if they can answer the question. (exp: What's the phone number to get help? What did Jack Be Nimble try to jump over? What should you do if you catch on fire? Name two of the colors in the rainbow.) OR Using a large plastic egg, put a mystery object inside and pass around the circle, guessing what's inside.
Fine motor activity....use strawberry baskets color coded for the colors in a jelly bean bag; add a little basket grass. Put jelly beans in an Easter basket and provide a set of tongs. Kids sort the jelly beans with
tongs into the sorting baskets. Lots of giggles and, of course, everyone gets a few (clean ones!) as a treat when finished.
The obvious...color eggs. I have each child bring in six HB eggs and we color them as a small group activity. Don't forget the white crayons for writing names or making dots/lines. One of the neatest egg-decorating activities is to loop rubberbands around the egg (ones a little bit wide are best). Make them tight enough that water won't get doesn't have to be too tight....just don't have them sagging. Color and then remove the bands. The area underneath remains white for a nifty effect. You can get two-toned eggs by first dying in a dark color and then after removing bands put in a light color.
One thing I plan to do the last day before break is make the traditional bunny ears on a headband and include a bunny tail. I do the bunny tail by taking a posterboard circle about four inches in diameter and punching two holes in it on the edge, 180 degrees from each other. Have the kids glue on cotton balls to cover. Tie on white yarn through the holes, long enough to tie around the child's hips. Presto, a bunny tail they can hop home with. Noelle

Hi all Just sharing - Our Nursery room tchr. made the cutest bunny pins / just adorable. I'm sure many of you have seen them in crafts mags ( also as rudolphs) They are ice cream wooden spoons (2 glued) to make the bunny. She hot glued pins on back. Kids touched a sponge of white paint to them . She added a thin pink bow and 2 perm. marker dots as eyes. Tiny white pompom nose.I'll have it on my coat every Easter!! Laurie

Hi all,
I sang "10 Crunchy Carrots" with my class last week and then came up with a booklet where they could print their classmates names, do a count down and make their own books... The children are having a great time writing and illustrating their books! (I chose to make the book start at 12 because of my class size - and because I couldn't think of a rhyme to do for 13,14.... - if you think of some, let me know please!!!)
Cover with space for the illustrator's name:

12 Crunchy Carrots - an adaptation of the chant "10 Crunchy Carrots" by Charlotte Diamond
Created by A. Wilson District #41, Burnaby B.C.

by ______

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
12 crunchy carrots, is one of them for Kevin?
______ ate one
and now there are __.
11 crunchy carrots, count and check again!
______ ate one
and now there are __.

10 crunchy carrots, all yours and mine,
______ ate one
and now there are __.
9 crunchy carrots, let's bake them in a cake.
______ ate one
and now there are __.
8 crunchy carrots, delicious to munch
______ ate one,
there are __
in the bunch.
7 crunchy carrots,
let's make some sticks,
______ ate one
and now there are __.
6 crunchy carrots,
sweet as honey from the hive,
______ ate one
and now there are __.
5 crunchy carrots,
a scratch at the door,
______ ate one
and now there are __.
4 crunchy carrots,
a treat for you and me,
______ ate one
and now there are __.
3 crunchy carrots,
what can we do?
______ ate one
and now there are __.
2 crunchy carrots,
a knock at the door,
______ ate one
and now there's just ------___more.
1 crunchy carrot,
snack is almost done!
I ate one and now there are none!
Hope you have fun with this! A. Wilson

Hi all
I gave the warning it was religious so please delete now if it will bother you. I thought some people might want it . I attach a mini ziplock of jelly beans and give to parents:
The Jelly Bean Prayer
Red is for the blood He gave.
Green is for the grass He made.
Yellow is for the sun so bright
Orange is for the edge of night,
Blue us for the sins we made,
White is for the grace He gave.
Purple is for His hour of sorrow.
Pink is for our new tomorrow.
A bag full of jelly beans
colorful and sweet,
Is a prayer, is a promise;
is a special treat !
Happy Easter!!
Laurie /Don't know who wrote it/ hope it didn't bother anyone.

Hi Everyone,
I'm not sure if I already submitted this to the list or not but here it is again. It's a poem you can give to your students at Easter time( or any time) with a little bag of jelly beans attached. It's sweet....

In a bag of jelly beans you have many different jelly beans.
Each jelly bean has something special which makes it different from the others.
A bag of jelly beans wouldn't be as attractive if they were identical.
You don't know exactly what a jelly bean is like unless you taste it and see.
Jelly beans are just like people-you've got to get to know them.
Each person brings something special and worthwhile to the group, but it is not always evident on the outside.
Thanks for being such a wonderful jelly bean!
Judy in Fredericton

Here are some Easter Songs.
I'm An Easter Bunny

I'm and Easter Bunny, watch me hop,
(hop around)
Here are my two ears, see how they flop.
(Hold hands at sides of head and flop them)
Here is my cotton tail, here is my nose,
(wiggle hips, then point to nose)
I'm all furry from my head to my toes.
(point to head, then to toes)


Five hopping bunnies, white is what they wore,
One hopped away, then there were four.
Four hopping bunnies, sweet as they could be,
One hopped around the yard, then there were three.
Three hopping bunnies with so much to do,
One went for Easter eggs, then there were two.
Two hopping bunnies playing in the sun,
One hopped down a hole, then there was one.
One hopping bunny, cute as a penny,
Hopped into my basket, then there weren't any.


I saw a rabbit,
(wiggle two fingers up behind head)
I said hello.
(wave hand)
He didn't stop,
(shake head)
He went down a hole.
(poke finger into opposite fist).

Now don't you fret,
(shake pointer finger)
You might see one too--
(nod head)
An Easter Rabbit,
(wiggle two fingers up behind head)
With some eggs for you!
(hold out cupped hands).


I'm the Easter Bunny, soft and white,
(point to self)
Here are my ears,
(wiggle two fingers up behind head)
And my tail so light.
(hold fist behind back)
I hide Easter eggs all lover town,
(pretend to hid eggs)
Just watch me hop and hop around.


Two Easter baskets,
Under a tree.
One for you,
(form left fist with thumb inside_
And one for me.
(form right fist with thumb inside.)

I peeked in one basket,
And what did I see?
(look down at left fist)
A new baby chick,
Smiling at me!
(pop let thumb out of fist.)

Then I looked in the other,
And what do you think?
(look down at right fist)
Out popped a bunny,
Quick as a wink!
(pop right thumb out of fist)


Hunting for eggs
Under my bed,
I found one in a slipper,
And the egg was colored red.

Hunting for eggs,
Now I have two,
I found one in the closet,
And the egg was colored blue.

Hunting for eggs,
What a lucky fellow,
I found one in a bucket,
And the egg was colored yellow.

Hunting for eggs
Where none could be seen,
I found one in a shoe box,
And the egg was colored green.

Hunting for eggs,
Quick as a wink,
I found one in the garden,
And the egg was colored pink.

Red and yellow,
Green, pink, and blue.
I found five eggs--
How about you?


Easter time at last is here,
Bunnies, chickies--let us cheer!
(clap and cheer)
Easter Bunny hops with joy,
Eggs for every girl and boy.
(hop around like bunny)
Easter time at last is here,
Bunnies, chickies--let us cheer!
(clap and cheer).