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#939. Easter , Eggs Part 2

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Posted Fri Apr 2 13:39:09 PST 1999 by Djin and others ().
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here is my Easter nest. Well actually not mine, it was [posted to kinder-two years ago by Cindyoung
Here goes
1 jar marshmallow creme (7oz)
1/4 cup peanut butter
2 tbl sp butter or margarine, melted
1 can (5 oz) chow mien noodles
1 cup pastel m and m's
confectioners sugar
pastel peanut M&M's
in mixing bowl, beat marshmallow creme, peanut butter an butter until smooth. Fold in noodles and m and m's. chill until easy to handle. On waxed paper, form mixture by 1/3 cupfuls into 3inch nests. Chill for 30 minutes. Dust with confectioners sugar. Place several M&M's in nest for eggs. Makes 9

Like Cindy, I didn't use the M&M's. But used the speckled malted milk balls for eggs (Didn't put the m/m's in the nest mix at all). they turn out really cute Net

I do this every shredded wheat biscuit (large) and a spoonful of marshmallow cream (like the kind for ice cream sundaes - I get 3 jars for 21 kids) and a handful of jellybeans (3-4 for each child). Have kids shred the wheat in a bowl, then mix in a little of the marsh. cream....have them mold together into a nest shape, then add jellybeans!!very cute and realistic - and edible~!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Shaynee

Last year I had the children decorate a coffee filter with water based pastel colored markers. Then they dipped the filter with another fit inside (so doubled) into liquid starch. It made the colors run together and get somewhat muted. These 2 filters then became as one which I placed onto inverted Styrofoam bowels. By the next day, they had hardened and were in the shape of the bowl (basket). They come right off the bowl. I used a hole punch to punch 2 holes across from each other. The children used pastel
colored pipe cleaners to hook thru for the handle. With pinking shears I cut small rectangles (about 3x1") for their names and hole punched so they could thread thru thin ribbon and attach to handle. We put in Easter cellophane grass. Once we put in yellow cotton ball chicks inside plastic Easter eggs. Another time, we stuffed yellow cotton into pine cones and added pre cut felt pieces for a beak, wings and feet, and wiggle eyes to make a chick. They were sooo cute!! Kathy

Last year we made birds in a nest using the lower 1/3 of a brown paper bag..We collected small twigs, leaves and bits of grass that were put in the bottom of the bag. Then they put in two yellow cotton balls(body and head), one glued atop of the other. they added a beak and moveable eyes. They did the same to make a second chick. They really came out cute. Karen in NY

Hi! I am doing something this year I haven't done in about 25 years! I am making those sugar peek through eggs.
5 1/2" (plastic) Mold - I got mine at K Mart at the time-haven't looked this year for one
1 1/cup sugar
1 3/4 Tablespoons water
2 Drops of food coloring (red, yellow, etc. - your choice)
Mix together -- put half in each side of mold -- press against side -- turn out on piece of wax paper. Let dry overnight. Carve about 1 1/2" inches off narrow end with a knife. (This makes the opening to look into the egg. Put grass, etc or whatever in one half, place other half on this and fasten with frosting.
Decorate with a mixture of powdered sugar and egg white or oleo. Frosting can be colored with food coloring. they turn out VERY cute! Net

Here a few I've done: I gave the children each a few white and a few yellow cotton balls, a handful of Easter grass and a sheet of blue construction paper. The I told them to make a spring scene. The results were amazing. We had bunnies and chicks galore. I have also patterned the same project but allowed
for personal differences. I had some use all the yellow cotton balls to make one chick and others make a nest full. They were allowed to use scraps from the scrap basket for any additional touches they wanted.
Another bunny project we did was to have each student trace their hand on white paper and cut it out. Thumb is folded out of sight and the fore finger and the pinkie become the bunnies "hands" . They are folded to the front. The two fingers in the middle become the ears. This is glued to a background sheet and
any additions you choose can be made. Again I used Easter grass and scraps for details, pink in the ears, whiskers, eyes, a basket of eggs. Margaret

Good evening loopers. I just finished making this flannel board story and thought I would share it with you.
Flannel Board Story
Materials Needed:
l Large Rabbit
l Small Rabbit
Red Bird
Yellow Duck
Red Wings
Tree with hole in it
Rock with red door
THE LITTLE RABBIT WHO WANTED RED WINGS by Carolyn Bailey (note from Djinn - I did not include the story because of copyright laws. Please check with Amazon for the book.)
Jan Smith

Hippety Hop and Hippety Hay
Five little bunnies went out to play
Hippety Hop and Hippety Hay
One little bunny hopped away.
(You do the same rhyme until you get to zero....Here's the last
Hippety Hop and Hippety Hay
Zero bunnies went out to play
Hippety Hop and Hippety Hay
They'll all come back another day.

Of course you can't forget Little Bunny Foo Foo....(Right?)

I made up a bunny song to the tune of the Bunny Hop....This is an acting out movement one. Kids are standing with their bunny paws poised and ready.

I'm the daddy bunny and I reached the top
This is how I got there.....H O P....H O P....H O P (Use deep voice)

I'm the mama bunny and I'm going to shop
For a big juicy carrot.....HOP...HOP...HOP (Use middle sized voice)

I'm the baby bunny and I go KERPLOP
Because I don't know how to Hop...Hop...Hop. (Use little high voice)

I hope you can use these.....Jan in Ca.

A Fat Bunny
Bunny and carrot

A fat bunny rabbit with ears so tall.
And two pink eyes about this small,
went hop, hop, hopping to get some lunch.
He found a fresh carrot,
Yum, yum, crunch!

Mister Rabbit
Rabbit and four carrots

Mister Rabbit in the carrot patch
Digging up the carrots. Scratch, scratch.
He ate the first little carrot, round and fat.
He ate the second little carrot just like that.
He ate the third little carrot, orange and sweet.
He ate the fourth little carrot, what a treat!
Mister Rabbit in the carrot patch
Digging up the carrots. Scratch, scratch, scratch.

Five Bunny Rabbits
Material :
five rabbits

Five bunny rabbits sitting by my door
One hopped away and then there were four.
Four bunny rabbits sleeping near a tree
One hopped away and then there were three.
Three bunny rabbits now what will they do?
One hopped away and then there were two.
Two bunny rabbits resting in the sun.
One hopped away and then there was one.
One bunny rabbit left all alone.
He hopped off down the road
maybe to your home . . . .

I colored a lot of rice - all different colors. For March I'm going to
give the kids tagboard or really thick paper, watered down glue, & the rice.
They can paint the glue onto the paper and sprinkle the rice on the glue (like
glitter) in the shape of a rainbow. >>Jan

I do this in the Spring, but I have the children decorate a picture of a chick
hatching out of an egg, and we decorate the egg part of the picture with the
rainbow rice!
Elise in NY

I was typing up Easter ideas for another source and thought they might be of
interest to someone here as well!
My preschool children always enjoy playing "drop the carrot". I buy a real carrot from the produce section--the kind with the green leaves still on top. The game is played much like drop the handkerchief, but the children hop like bunnies instead of running around the circle.
Another favorite is a jelly bean color bingo game made on simple bunny cards. They love this! Of course, we always have to gobble up the jelly beans after we play!
One tip I might pass on if you are doing an egg hunt....I usually hide lots of empty plastic eggs for the children to find. This way, if the eggs are not all found, they are not a danger to animals who might find them. Also, because some children will be speedy and find lots of eggs and others not so many, this keeps it more fair. At the end of the hunt, all of the children trade their empty eggs in for a goodie bag! I hope that these might help .Michelle

hiya :o) I teach spedK and recently spent an "egg day" in honor of the letter "E"
some of the ideas came from a K issue of Mailbox mag. don't know if they've been mentioned.
we examined raw eggs, to feel the hard shell. I asked if anyone know how many parts an egg had. then I cracked it open and we determined that it had 3 parts: the yolk (someone knew that word), the shell, and "water" or "egg juice" (gotta love their descriptions!) I told them it was called "the white" of the egg and they looked at me kinda I popped it into my electric frying pan and the were amazed at the magic!
I made sunny-side-up eggs (they loved how the white looked like a cloud and the yolk like the sun!), over-easy, and scrambled. we sliced up hardboiled eggs...took some of them, added chopped celery and mayo and s & P...and had an egg-tasting party! everyone had brought a hardboiled and a raw egg from home. we created a graph "what happens to a raw egg when it is soaked in vinegar?" (it will become rubbery, it will cook inside, the yolk will disappear, it will change color). each child was given a clear plastic cup and told to gently put their egg inside. then we poured white vinegar to cover the eggs. 2 days later I passed around a regular raw egg (our control) so everyone could feel the hard shell again. then, one at a time, I took the eggs out of their vinegar shell! (vinegar, which is an acid, will cause the calcium in the shell to dissolve. eggs will appear to be rubbery in texture) I took the raw, control egg, held it just a couple of inches over a dishpan, and gently let it drop. we heard the crack. I picked it up so we could see it. I held it an inch or two higher and let it drop again...splat! then each child had a chance to do the same thing. some held them too high to begin with, or kinda threw them they broke on contact. several children were able to get a few bounces out of the egg before it finally broke! (I think 6 bounces was our best!) what fun :o)
we also used our hardboiled eggs for a few experiments:
1. each child had a chance to put his/her egg on one side of a balance scale. then slowly counted cubes into the other side to see how much it took to balance.
2. clear plastic cups were given out and 1/2 filled with water. permanent markers were used to draw the water line. then the eggs were slipped inside and we saw how the water rose up (matter takes up space). we marked the new line, too
3. we helped each child trace the outline of their egg on a grid (like graph paper). we estimated how many boxes the egg covered...then, using a marker to dot, we counted to get the exact amount.
our egg day was lots of fun...and next year...I'LL remember to teach them Humpty Dumpty! LOL!

If you put an egg in a clear container and cover it with vinegar, then let it sit a few days it turns into a rubber egg. It is very interesting, the shell disintegrates and the egg takes on a bouncy rubber texture (it will still break). I don't know if this goes with a Humpty Dumpty theme but all the egg ideas made me think of it.

Discuss the differences between hard-boiled and raw eggs, eg. sink or float, spin or wobble. Graph which way students like their eggs cooked. What kinds of animals lay eggs. Study the differences in eggs, eg. # of eggs alligators and birds lay.

Re: Egg poems or songs - NOT EASTER
Posted by suz on 3/29/99
What is an egg?
It's a special place.
It's warm and it's safe.
It's a cozy space.

what is an egg?
It's a place to start
Growing bones and a beak
And feathers and a heart.

What is an egg?
It's a place to grown
For a chick and a duck
And an owl and a crow.

What is an egg?
It's a place to begin
For all sorts of birds;
For a rooster and a hen.

(Lucia Kemp Henry-Mailbox)

What is it?
pecking and peeping-
what can it be?
A chick is hatching
Quick! come See!

Re: Egg poems or songs - NOT EASTER
Posted by colleen on 3/29/99
Five Baby Eggs (hold up five
Five white eggs (hold up five
one, two, three, four, five (put fingers up
as you count)
Five little taps (tap with
your feet five times)
How many chicks come out alive? (place your hands in the
air with excitement)
one, two, three, four five (put fingers up
as you count)

Re: Egg poems or songs - NOT EASTER
Posted by Christy on 3/29/99

Peck! Peck! Peck!
On the warm brown egg,
Out comes a neck,
Out comes a leg,
How does a chick
Who's not been about
Discover the trick
Of how to get out?

A great Egg resource--
Eggs G.E.M.S. unit from Lawrence Hall of Science
Re: Egg poems or songs - NOT EASTER
Posted by Cheryl on 3/29/99
Inside this little egg a tiny baby sleeps, he lies so very still he doesn't make a peep. One day very soon a pecking sound you'll hear and before your very eyes a _______ will appear.
Sing to Itsy Bitsy Spider tune, Kids love to act it out.

Re: Egg poems or songs - NOT EASTER
Posted by Janet Sage, JMS@NETVA.COM, on 3/29/99
Eggs come in many sizes.
Eggs hold some big surprises.
Speckled, brown, white, or blue,
Eggs hold babies that are new.
Chicks from eggs are fluffy yellow.
Chicks from eggs are funny fellows.

Re: Egg poems or songs - NOT EASTER
Posted by Jacque,, on 3/30/99
Children act this out:

Here's a little birdie, hatching from his egg
(Children lie on floor in a ball)
First comes his head
(Children stick up their heads)
Then comes his tail
(Children stick their bottoms in the air)
His legs he gives a stretch
(Children stretch out legs one at a time)
His wings he gives a flap
(Children tuck hands in armpits and flap 'wings'
He flies and flies and flies
(Children flap wings and fly about in a circle)
Down, down, down he falls
(swoop to the floor)
Now, what do you think of that?

Two year olds and up love this.