Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#946. Famous Spanish Person

Language, level: Middle
Posted Mon Apr 5 15:57:42 PDT 1999 by T. Richmond (
Lynn Public Schools, Lynn, MA
Materials Required: Independent Project - at least three works cited
Activity Time: One month - independent work
Concepts Taught: appreciation of historic and current famous figures of the Spanish World

As a year end project, my Spanish students are asked to report on a famous Spanish person, living or deceased.
The report is oral, and the fun portion of the report is
actually a dress up presentation.
Children will dress as their character, while they are
presenting. We have had so much success with this project.
I have seen Columbus, Isabella, Picasso, and even a famous
hispanic roller blader (roller blades were permitted for
the project). It's a fun way to learn and to end the year.