Grade: Middle

#949. Reading meet Writing

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Fri Mar 5 21:14:50 PST 2010 by Amanda Stockton (Amanda Stockton).
Rifle Middle School, Rifle, US
Materials Required: Novel, Reading Log Journal
Activity Time: 15-20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Mini lesson for incorporating reading logs

Name: Amanda Stockton

Title: Reading meet Writing
Content Area: Literacy Grade: 7 Duration: 15-20 min
Standards and Benchmarks:

Colorado State Standard 1: Students read and understand a variety of materials.
Use comprehension skills/Use word Recognition Skills/Make connections between reading and what they already know

Students will analyze and summarize portions of novels using reading logs and journals.

Resources and Materials:

Choose a novel that will be introduced to the students. This can be a book talk book, or a read aloud book for class. A copy of the reading log worksheet.

The worksheet allows for a level of differentiation. Also an article or reading level appropriate book may need to be chosen.

Preparing Students for the Lesson:
Expected Behaviors
Students will need to know that the expectation will be to follow along while the teacher is reading, and to know that attention should be paid to details that they might understand, relate to, or create a thought about.
Teaching the Lesson (Lesson Sequence/

First five minutes: Students will listen as the teacher reads aloud, a brief portion of a novel.

5 minutes: Think aloud about what the teacher relates to, or what thoughts entered the teacher's head as they read.

5 minutes: Teacher modeled how to then take those thoughts and ideas and write a reading log journal.

Independent Practice: Students complete reading log journals on their own.

Book Log Journal
Book Title: ________________________ Author:__________________
Read Pages _____ to _____ Date:___________________
Reflection: Point of View:_______________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Clarified Word or Sentence: Strategy Used:_____________________
Rephrase clarified word or sentence: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________