Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

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#96. Come Fly with Me

Language, level: Elementary
Posted by Susan Wright (

P.S. 224 , Bayside, NY USA
Materials Required: A Fly Went By, index cards, markers
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Rhyming words

Susan Wright May 28, 1997
Language Arts
Lesson Observation

Unit: Come Fly With Me
Unit Aim: To develop comprehension skills: interpreting, prediction, cause and effect, compare and contrast.
To distinguish between living and non-living things, to distinguish between what is real and what is imaginative
To increase language development, auditory and visual discrimination skills: to make a link between the letters on a page and the words they represent.
To increase writing skills through story mapping, journaling and recreating big books.

Lesson Objective: Students will identify rhyming words from the book A Fly Went By by matching words written on index card with same endings, eliciting word when prompted by the teacher and by identifying rhyming words in the text.

Materials: A Fly Went By
Index card that have rhyming words from text on them (color coded)
Reproduced page from text
Magic Markers

Motivation: Ask the students: "who can tell me what a rhyming word is?" Write answers on a language experience chart using the students name in the statement.
Show students the book A Fly Went By, ask if any of the words on the cover end in the same letter.
Write words on index cards. Tell students what a rhyming word is.

1. Read aloud the book A Fly went By. At the end of the story ask students if they heard any rhyming word. Write down responses on board.
2. Reread the story. After reading a few pages, read a pair of sentences that rhyme, but leave off the ending, see if students can predict the missing word.
3. Tell students you are going to play the word match game. Ask them to make matches of words that have the same endings. Pair student into groups. Place index cards face down on students desk. Ask the students to take turns turning the cards over and see if they can find any matches. When the pairs have been made, read the words aloud.
4. Reproduce a copy of a page of the book. Hand out colored markers. Have students circle the words that rhyme.
5.Hand out bug stickers to students for participation.

Evaluation: Students will match words on index cards
Students will circle correct words on reproduced text page.
Students will elicit correct words on prompt.