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Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#970. Introduction to "Julius Caesar"

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Thu Apr 8 13:13:05 PDT 1999 by Yvette Roberts (vetbernrob@hotmail.com).
La Veta High School, La Veta, CO
Materials Required: class time for instruction
Activity Time: 20 minutes to explain the assignment
Concepts Taught: writing, relating to the play

To get my students prepared for the political ideas and basic plot in "Julius Caesar," I discuss with my students the American form of government, including our freedoms according to the Constituion. Then I ask them to imagine their response if a dictator suddenly took over the nation and have them write what actions they would take.

Later, as we read the play, those who chose to assassinate the dictator compare their plot to that of the conspirators.