Grade: Elementary
Subject: Computer

#976. Freddie the Fungus:A Play about Decomposers

Computer, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Apr 11 09:47:26 PDT 1999 by Brian Beckenstein (
Igo Elementary School, Foxborough, MA
Materials Required: Claris Works and Kid Pix 2 (Mac- Computer)
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Combine Language Arts (Haiku Poems) and Computers

Background: Teach students how to write Haiku Poems.
Students should be familiar with Claris Works and Kid Pix.

Haiku Poem
1st line = 5 syllables
2nd line = 7 syllables
3rd line = 5 syllables
Haiku Poem
Brian Beckenstein

Raindrop, moist, wet, dew
Falling down from the sky
Makes everything new.

Computer Instructions - Open Claris works and Kid Pix
First work in Claris Works.

1). Click on the Center Box
2). Write the words, Haiku Poem
3). Highlight it and go to Size, make it 48 point
4). Hit the Return Key and write your title.
5). Highlight your title, go to Size and make it 36 point.
6). Go to Font and choose a favorite font for your title.
7). Hit the Return Key. Write your name and highlight it.
8). Go to Size and make it 24 point.
(You may choose a different font if you like)
9). Hit the Return Key and write your poem.
10). When you are finished, go to Edit - Writing Tools - Check document for Spelling.
11). Go to Tool Box (on the bottom of your screen)
12). Click on the arrow
14). Draw a picture of your poem.
15). When you are finished, click on the Moving Truck and the Magnet.
16). Outline the entire drawing.
17). Go to Edit - Copy
18). Go back to ClarisWorks
19). Go to Edit -Paste
20). Use the boxes on the corners of your picture to make it fit the screen.
21). Go to File -Print
22). Save As - Poem -(name)
Be sure to save it to your disk (desktop)