Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#978. A trip to Outer Space:Planet Exchange

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Apr 11 16:02:13 PDT 1999 by Linda C. Innis (
Columbus Public Schools, Columbus
Materials Required: Computers, Internet, Art supplies, Library
Activity Time: Two week preparation: One day rotation
Concepts Taught: Learning about the different Planets

A Trip to Outer Space: Planet Exchange

Objective: Students will learn about the different planets in the universe.

Grade : 2nd/3rd grade

Lesson: This is a grade level activity. At our school we have three 2nd grade and 3rd grade
teachers. We decided to study the planets of the universe. Each class selected a planet that they
would study and find facts about that planet. In the finding of information they will search for the
following information: Temperature, miles from earth, miles from sun, surface, facts special
about particular planet. The the students will develop a computer presentation on their planet
with information they have found on the web, in library and classroom books. Each class will
create a scavenger hunt sheet that will guide other students through the planet. They will be
looking for special information found in the classroom. On a given day, a rotation of the classes
will visit each planet and explore it. In the past some ideas that were used, was waiting down
students feet and having them jump to feel the gravity pull. Another class opened their windows
in the winter to give the feel of their cold planet. Graters were created and scattered through the
room. Facts were posted on the walls. Lots of visual and hands on activities were created in each
room. Students brainstormed idea about their planet after they had gathered information. Then
each class comes up with a way to present 10 important facts about their planet. They create a
computer presentation to welcome their guest to their planets with listing the facts about their
planet. Then the visitors must find the 10 facts and experience it. After each class has rotated
through the different planets they will have on a personal basis discovered the different planets.
As a follow up they could E-mail each planet telling the planet what they learned and liked best
about that particular planet.

Summary: This is a great way to approach learning the facts about planets. Getting other classes
involve provide a variety of ideas. Students really get into their presentation. Some variations
might include study the Biomes, states, science terms such as liquid, solid and gas, the list goes
on. The teachers really enjoyed this activity too. The students love the feedback from other
students about their planet and receiving E-mail.