Grade: Senior

#986. The Great Gatsby and the Roaring Twenties

Reading/Writing, level: Senior
Posted Wed Apr 14 07:34:25 PDT 1999 by Lori P. Gwinn (gwinnlp).
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Liberty High School, Liberty, South Carolina United States
Materials Required: see webpage
Activity Time: see webpage
Concepts Taught: analyzing a novel; working in teams to produce a product; research

My lesson plan is very extensive. I have posted it on my webpage under Faculty on the Liberty High School webpage.
Go there by entering in the URL of your search engine.
Find my name (Lori Gwinn) listed under Faculty.
You'll find chapter questions and a class project for the study of the novel.

This project involves creating a magazine which highlights the 1920s in America and Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

It's actually a FUN way to teach research.