Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#988. Macbeth: Shakespeare for Elementary Students

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Apr 14 22:38:29 PDT 1999 by Brian Beckenstein (
Igo Elementary School, Foxborough, MA
Materials Required: costumes
Activity Time: appropriate for a Drama Club
Concepts Taught: Drama - Shakespeare that you can understand and read

William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Revised for youngsters by Brian Beckenstein
(If you decide to do this play, email me and let me know how it went.)

Cast of Characters:

Duncan - King of Scotland
Malcolm & Donalbain - Duncan's sons

Macbeth - Thane of Glamis
Banquo - Commander in the Scottish army

Macduff -
Ross - servant for King Duncan
Lennox - servant for Macbeth

Lady Macbeth
Lady Macduff
Boy - Macduff's son
Fleance - Banquo's son

3 witches

3 ghosts
Ghost of Banquo
A Sergeant
A Murderer
A Doctor
A Woman

Act 1: Scene I
3 witches on the Moors

1st Witch: When shall we three meet again?
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

2nd Witch: When the hurlyburly's done.
When the battles lost and won.

3rd Witch: Where the place?

1st Witch: Upon the heath.

2nd Witch: There to meet with Macbeth.

All Witches: Fair is foul and foul is fair,
Hover through the fog and filthy air.

Act 1: Scene II King Duncan, Sergeant, Ross:
On the Moors
(A battle has taken place - Scotland against Norwegians.
Duncan rides in at the end of battle and sees wounded men on the field).

King: What bloody man is that?
He can tell us what happened in the battle.

Sergeant: Oh, great King, King of Scotland,
We have fought hard against the Norwegians.
But bravest of all was your Thane of Glamis,
the great Macbeth.

King: How did he do in the battle?

Sergeant: Macbeth and his friend, Banquo fought until the very end.

King: Oh brave men!
But you look as if you're near your end.
(Ross enters)
Ross: Yes, my lord?

King: Get my best doctors to look after this fine sergeant.

Sergeant: My lord, I do have grave news to report.
Your trusted Thane of Cawdor has betrayed you! He joined forces with the Norwegians.

King: Did this dismay Macbeth and Banquo?

Sergeant: Alas, they fought on to victory!

King: Your words are as honorable as your wounds.
(Doctor enters)
Doctor, do take care of this fine soldier.
Sir Ross, a word with you.
That traitor Thane of Cawdor
shall deceive us no more.
Go pronounce his present death,
and with his former title, greet Macbeth.

Act I: Scene III
Macbeth, Banquo, 3 witches

Macbeth: So foul and fair a day I have not seen.

Banquo: Macbeth, do you hear those cries?
(Looks upon three witches).
What are these?
So withered and wild in their attire.
They do not look like inhabitants of this earth
and yet they are on it.

Macbeth: Speak! If you can - What are you?

1st Witch: All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee Thane of Glamis

2nd Witch: All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee Thane of Cawdor.

3rd Witch: All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter.

(Macbeth walks away in a state of shock.)

Banquo: Good sir, why do you seem to fear things that sound so fair?
(turns to the witches)
Wicked sisters, to Macbeth you talk of fortunes
and to me you speak not.
If you can look into the seeds of time
and say which grain will grow and which will not,
speak then to me.

1st Witch: All hail, Banquo, lesser than Macbeth and greater.

2nd Witch: All hail, Banquo, not so happy, yet much happier.

3rd Witch: All hail, Banquo, you shall be father to many kings but you will not be a king.

All Witches: So all hail Macbeth and Banquo.
Banquo and Macbeth, all hail.

(The witches vanish.)
Banquo: Dear sir, should we speak about such matters
or have we gone made?

Macbeth: Mad? Ha! Your children shall be kings!

Banquo: You shall be king!

(both laugh, Ross enters)

Macbeth: Who's there?

Ross: It is I, sir, Ross.
The great King Duncan has given me a message for you.
For your bravery in battle,
he has given you the title, Thane of Cawdor.

Banquo: What! Can the devil speak true?

Macbeth: The Thane of Cawdor lives!
Why do you give me his title?

Ross: He is to be executed tonight
for his treachery against the King.
The King has invited you both to his castle
to celebrate the victory.

Banquo: Let us go.

(Banquo and Ross walk off the stage.)

Macbeth: Thane of Glamis, and Thane of Cawdor.
the greatest lies ahead.
To be King hereafter!
These prophesies cannot be be evil, cannot be good.
If evil, am I not the Thane of Cawdor?
If good, why do I have these terrible thoughts of
murder on my mind?

(Offstage Banquo shouts out)
Banquo: Macbeth, we wait for you!

Macbeth: Come what come may,
Time and hour runs through the roughest day.

Act I: Scene IV
King Duncan's Castle
King Duncan, Malcolm, Macbeth, Banquo and guests

King Duncan: Ah, my sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, has the execution begun on the Thane of Cawdor?

Donalbain: Yes, my lord.

Malcolm: He is dead.

King Duncan: He was a gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust.

(Macbeth walks in)
Ah, Macbeth, the new Thane of Cawdor! Welcome.
All welcome!
Today I will proclaim my heir to the throne,
my eldest son, Malcolm.
From this day on, we will call you
Prince of Cumberland.

All Guests: All hail, Malcolm, Prince of Cumberland!

(Macbeth walks outside alone)

Macbeth: Prince of Cumberland, indeed!

(looks up to the stars)

Stars, hide your fires.
Let not light see my
black and deep desires.

Act I: Scene V
Macbeth's Caste, Lady Macbeth, Lennox, Macbeth

Lennox: Lady Macbeth, I deliver a letter from your husband.

Lady Macbeth: Thank you, Lennox.
(Lennox leaves - Lady Macbeth reads the letter)

"My dear lady, I report to you the prophesies
told to me by the three strange witches.
They addressed me as the Thane of Cawdor
and the King hereafter."
(She puts the letter down)
King hereafter!
My Macbeth shall be king!
Yet, I fear that he does not have the courage in his heart to find the quickest way to the throne.
(Lennox enters)

Lennox: My dear Lady, King Duncan will be arriving tonight,
and Macbeth is on his way.

(Lennox leaves and Macbeth enters)

Lady Macbeth: Oh great King hereafter! (They hug)

Macbeth: King Duncan comes tonight.

Lady Macbeth: And when will he leave?

Macbeth: Tomorrow.

Lady Macbeth: Duncan will never live to see tomorrow's sun!
(Macbeth looks shocked)
Oh, that face you make!
Put your worries away,
and leave everything up to me.
Remember, look like the innocent flower,
but be the serpent under it.

Macbeth: We will talk further.

Act I: Scene VI
Macbeth's Castle - King Duncan, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth

(King Duncan and guests- Banquo - enter, backstage)

All: All hail, King Duncan!
All hail, King of Scotland!
(Macbeth walks to center stage)

Macbeth: What reason do I have to kill the King?
He has honored me as the Thane of Cawdor.
No! All I have is my wretched ambition!

(Lady Macbeth enters)

Lady Macbeth: My lord, why have you left the chamber?

Macbeth: We will proceed no further in this business!

Lady Macbeth: What? What happened to the man I knew?
Are you afraid to take what you want?

Macbeth: I beg you, peace!

Lady Macbeth: Why do you hurt me?
When you dare do it,
then you were a man,
and you would be so much more the man,
you would be King!

Macbeth: If we fail-

Lady Macbeth: We fail. But screw your courage to the sticking place
and we will not fail!
We shall put the blame on Duncan's guards.
I will put a drug in their wine to make them sleepy
and when they awake,
they will have the bloody daggers in their hands!
(Bell rings)
Macbeth: Away, away, go!
False face must hide
what the false heart know.

Act II: Scene I
Banquo, Fleance, Macbeth(guards, King Duncan, Lady Macbeth)

Banquo: How goes the night my son?

Fleance: The moon is down, I have not heard the clock.
You look tired father.

Banquo: Sleep calls me,
yet I am afraid of the thoughts that come when I sleep.

(Enter Macbeth)
Who's there?

Macbeth: A friend.

(Lady Macbeth sneaks into the King's chambers and puts the drug in the guards' drinks.)

Banquo: What sir, are you still up?

Macbeth: As are you, and your son, Fleance, too.

Banquo: I dreamt last night of the three witches.
To you they have showed some truth.

Macbeth: I think not of them. Good night, my dear Banquo.

(Banquo and Fleance exit. Macbeth is alone on stage. A dagger appears.)

What is this?!
Is this a dagger I see before me?
Am I going mad?
It's leading me to King Duncan's room.
Look how it drips with blood.
(Bell rings)
Here it not Duncan,
for it is a bell
that summons thee
to heaven or to hell.
(Macbeth enters Duncan's room, walks past the sleeping guards and takes their daggers and then stabs Duncan to death.)

Act II: Scene II
Lady Macbeth and Macbeth

(Macbeth walks to Lady Macbeth with the bloody daggers in his hands.
Macbeth looks at his blood covered hands)

Macbeth: Oh, what a sorry sight!

Lady Macbeth: Why did you bring the daggers?
They must lie there with the guards!

Macbeth: I'll go back no more.
I am afraid to think of what I've done.

Lady Macbeth: Give me the daggers!
The sleeping and the dead are but pictures.

(She walks off. Macbeth walks over to a well and washes his hands.)

Macbeth: Will not all great Neptune's oceans
wash this blood clean from my hands?

(Lady Macbeth enters with blood covered hands)

Lady Macbeth: My hands are of your color.
Come, a little water washes away the deed.

(sounds of knocking at the gate)

Let us return to bed.
What's done is done.

Macbeth: Wake Duncan with all your knocking!
If only you could!

Act II: Scene III
Lennox, Macduff, Malcolm, Donalbain, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth

(Sounds of knocking at the gate.)

Lennox: Knock, knock, knock, I'm coming!
Who could it be at this late hour?
(opens gate)
Oh, Sir Macduff, what brings you here?

Macduff: I have come for the King. Is he here?

(Macbeth enters)

Macbeth: He sleeps.

Lennox: I will take you to him.

(Lennox and Macduff enter the King's chambers. Macduff runs out of the room.)

Macduff: Oh horror, horror!
Murder has taken the life of the King!

(Macbeth enters)

Macbeth: What happened?

Macduff: Awake, ring the alarm bell!
Murder and treason!

(Macbeth and Lennox enter the King's chamber. The guards are waking up and they notice that they are covered with blood.)

Macbeth: Beasts! (He slays the guards.)

(Lady Macbeth, Malcolm, and Donalbain enter.)

Lady Macbeth: What happened?

Macduff: Gentle lady, it is not for you to hear what I can speak.

(Macbeth enters)

Malcolm: What happened?

Macbeth: Your father has been murdered.

Donalbain: Our father!

Malcolm: By whom?

Lennox: It seems his guards have done it.
They were covered in blood,
and had daggers in their hands.

(They walk in the King's room. Lady Macbeth faints.)

Lennox: Let us get her some air.

(They all leave except for Malcolm and Donalbain)

Donalbain: What shall we do?

Malcolm: Let us not stay here.
Where we are, there's daggers in men's smiles.
I am off to England.

Donalbain: To Ireland I go.

Act II: Scene IV
Outside of Macbeth's Castle - Macduff and Ross

(Macduff is leading a funeral procession of the King.)

Ross: How goes the world, Macduff?

Macduff: Why, can't you see, Sir Ross? (pointing to the coffin)

Ross: Do they know who did this bloody deed?

Macduff: Duncan's guards.

Ross: Why would Duncan's guards kill him?
What good would it do them?

Macduff: It is rumored that they were bribed
by Malcolm and Donalbain,
the King's two sons,
whom, after the murder, both fled away,
which makes them very suspicious.

Ross: How unnatural! Sons killing their own father!
It doesn't make sense!
I guess the people will make Macbeth King.

Macduff: He is already named King.

Ross: I am off to his castle.
I hope to see you in better times. Adiu.

Act III Scene I
Macbeth's Castle (Macbeth, Banquo, Lennox, Murderer)

(Macbeth is being crowned King.)

All Guests: All hail, King Macbeth!
All hail, King of Scotland!

(Banquo walks off by himself)

Banquo: Macbeth has it now,
Glamis, Cawdor, King, all.
As the weird witches promised,
and I fear he played most foully for it.
Yet, they said my sons will be kings.
If they speak true for Macbeth,
why then shouldn't they speak true for me?

Fleance, my son, bring my horse.

(Fleance and Macbeth enter)

Fleance: Father, are we to leave tonight?

Macbeth: Come, tonight we will have a great feast,
and I request your presence.
Are you leaving tonight?

Banquo: Aye my lord. But I will be back for the feast.

(Banquo and Fleance exit)

Macbeth: To be thus is nothing,
but to be safely thus!
I fear Banquo.
He knows about the weird witches.
They have promised him to be father of many kings.
On me, they place this fruitless crown,
with no son of mine ever being king!

(Lennox enters)

Lennox: My lord, there is a visitor for you.

Macbeth: Ah, yes. Let him enter and then leave us.

(Lennox brings the visitor to Macbeth and then exits)

Macbeth: Have you thought about what we discussed yesterday?
How Banquo is our enemy!
See to it that he is killed.
And make sure his son, Fleance, is also killed.
For his death is no less important to me
than his fathers!

Act III: Scene II
(Lady Macbeth enters)

Lady Macbeth: How now, my lord, why do you keep alone?
You must put away your evil thoughts,
What's done is done.

Macbeth: We have only scorched the snake, my dear,
not killed it!

Act IV: Scene III
(outside of the castle - Banquo, Fleance, and Murderer)

(Murderer hides behind a tree waiting for Banquo)

Banquo: It will be rain tonight.

Murderer: Let it come down! (They fight)

Banquo: Oh, treachery!
Fly, Fleance, fly!

(Fleance escapes but Banquo is dead.)

Act III: Scene IV
Macbeth's Castle (Macbeth & Murderer)

Macbeth: There's blood upon they face.

Murderer: Then it is Banquo's.

Macbeth: Is he dead?

Murderer: My lord, his throat is cut.
But his son, Fleance, escaped.

Macbeth: Doubts and fears live!
But Banquo is dead?

Murderer: Ay, my lord.

Macbeth: Thanks for that.
The serpent is dead,
but the worm that's fled cannot harm us yet.

Act III: Scene IV
The banqueting hall in the palace (Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Lennox, Ross, Ghost of Banquo, guests)

Macbeth: A hearty welcome to you all!
I drink to you all,
and to our dear friend, Banquo,
whom we miss,
would he were here.

All Guests: To Banquo!

Macbeth: Now sit and enjoy the feast!

Lennox: Will you join us, my lord?

Macbeth: Ay, but the table is full.

Lennox: Here is a place to sit, sir.

Macbeth: Where?

Lennox: Here, my lord.

(Lennox points to an empty chair; however, Macbeth is the only person who sees the Ghost of Banquo sitting in the chair.)

Macbeth: Which one of you has done this?

Ross: What, my good lord? What startles you?

Macbeth: Do you not see it? (pointing to the Ghost)

Lennox: See what?

(The Ghost walks closer to Macbeth. Macbeth falls to the ground in horror)

Ross: Gentlemen rise, his highness is not well.

Lady Macbeth: Sit my good friends.
My lord is known to have these fits.
It will soon pass.
(Lady Macbeth walks over to Macbeth who is lying on the floor in fright.)

Lady Macbeth: My lord, what you see is in your mind!
It is the same as the dagger that led you to Duncan.
You fright over an empty chair!

Macbeth: Behold, look!
Leave, oh leave me, horrible shadow!

(The Ghost vanishes. Macbeth gets up and walks over to the guests.)

Time was when the dead were dead,
but now they rise again.

Ross: Ay, my lord?

Lady Macbeth: Please, my lord, our guests!

Macbeth: How can you all behold such sights,
and still keep the natural ruby of your cheeks,
when mine are pale with fear?

Lennox: What sights, my lord?

(Lady Macbeth addresses the guests.)

Lady Macbeth: I pray you speak not to him,
he grows worse and worse.
Please go, go at once!

(The guests start to leave)

Ross: May better health attend his majesty.

(All have left except for Macbeth)

Macbeth: It will have blood they say,
Blood will have blood.

Act IV: Scene I
Moors - 3 Witches, Macbeth, 3 Ghosts, and Ghost of Banquo and other ghosts dressed as kings, Lennox)

All Witches: Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

1st Witch: By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

(All witches laugh as Macbeth enters)

Macbeth: Tell me, you wicked witches,
how did you know I would be king?
Answer me!

1st Witch: Speak.

2nd Witch: Demand.

3rd Witch: We'll answer.
Would you rather here it from our mouths,
or from our Masters?

Macbeth: Call them, let me see them.

All Witches: Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

(The witches hand Macbeth a cup to drink.
Macbeth drinks and then falls down. A ghost appears before him.)

Macbeth: What is this?

1st Witch: He knows your thought.
Here his speech but do not talk.

1st Ghost: Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth,
beware Macduff,
Dismiss me, enough.

Macbeth: Thank you for your caution.
It is one I have feared.
But one word more-

2nd Witch: He will not be commanded!
Here's another,
more potent than the first.

2nd Ghost: Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth,

Macbeth: Had I three ears, I'd hear you!

2nd Ghost: Be blood, bold, and resolute,
laugh to scorn the power of man,
for none born of woman shall harm Macbeth.

Macbeth: The live, Macduff!
What do I need to fear him?
Was he not born of woman?
But to make doubly sure,
I will see to it that Macduff shall not live!

(A 3rd Ghost appears)

Macbeth: What is this?

3rd Witch: Listen, but do not speak to it!

3rd Ghost: Macbeth shall never be vanquished
until the great forest of Birnam Wood
comes to Dunsinane.

Macbeth: That will never happen!
Who can uproot the forest,
and send it to my castle in Dunsinane?

(The Ghosts disappear)
The ghosts have answered my fears,
and yet, my heart throbs to know one more thing.
Will Banquo's children grow up to be kings?
All Witches: Seek to know no more.

Macbeth: Don't deny me this!

All Witches: Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

(The Ghost of Banquo enters and he is dressed as a King.)

Macbeth: What is this? It looks like Banquo!

(Another ghost enters dresses as a king.)

Macbeth: The second ghost looks like the first.

(More ghosts enter the stage dressed as kings.)

Macbeth: Will the line stretch out to the crack of doom?

(Macbeth falls down at the feet of the ghost of Banquo who is laughing at him. The witches exit and then the ghosts exit.
Macbeth is left alone crying on the ground.
Lennox enters.)

Lennox: My lord, my lord?

Macbeth: Lennox, did you see the witches?

Lennox: I saw nothing, my lord.

Macbeth: Damn all those that trust them!

Lennox: My lord, I came to tell you
that Macduff has fled to England.

Macbeth: Send my soldiers to the Castle of Macduff
and have them destroy all that is there!

Act IV: Scene II
Macduff's Castle - Lady Macduff, Boy, Ross, Lennox, soldiers

(Ross enters the castle and bows before Lady Macduff)

Ross: My Lady Macduff, I have a message for you.

(He gives her a note. Lady Macduff reads the letter.)

Lady Macduff: My husband, Macduff, has fled to England?
Why would he do this?

Ross: You must have patience, madam.

Lady Macduff: He had none.
His flight is madness.
How could he leave behind his wife and children?
He has traitored us!

Ross: I pray you, things are not as bad as they seem.
May God be with you, I must be on my way.

(Ross walks to the gate and sees Lennox. They whisper to each other.)

(The Boy walks up to Lady Macduff)

Boy: Mother, where is father?

Lady Macduff: Alas, my son, your father is a traitor.

Boy: What is a traitor?

Lady Macduff: Why, one that swears and lies.

Boy: And all those who swear and lie are traitors?

Lady Macduff: Every one that does is a traitor,
and must be hanged.

Boy: Who must hang them?

Lady Macduff: Why the honest men.

Boy: Then the liars and swearers are fools,
for there are more liars and swearers enough
to hang all the honest men.

(They both laugh. Lennox enters with soldiers.)

Lennox: Where is Macduff?

Lady Macduff: I hope in no place where he will find you?

Soldier: Macduff is a traitor!

Boy: Liar! (The boy hits the soldier)

Soldier: Why you egg! (They fight. The soldier stabs the boy.)

Boy: Mother, I am dead. Fly, mother, fly!

(Lady Macduff runs off the stage screaming. The soldiers chase her.)

Act IV: Scene III
Moors - Ross, Malcolm, and Macduff (soldiers)

Macduff: Malcolm, who is that man that comes?

Malcolm: My good sir, Macduff,
I believe it is our good friend, sir Ross.
Yet he seems a stranger to us.

(Ross enters)

Ross: Good day, sir Macduff, sir Malcolm.

Macduff: Sir Ross, what brings you here?
Have you heard word from my castle?

Ross: I am too afraid to speak the words.

Macduff: Speak!

Ross: Macbeth has attacked your castle.
Your wife and children are all dead.

Macduff: Horror! My wife and children?

Ross: Ay.

Macduff: All my children?

Ross: Wife, children, servants, all.

Macduff: All my pretty one? (Begins to cry.)

Malcolm: Take it like a man!

Macduff: I shall do so,
but I also must feel it like a man!

Malcolm: Let grief convert to anger. (He hands him a sword)

Macduff: To Scotland we go.
To greet Macbeth! (Holds sword in the air.)
Act V: Scene I
Lady Macbeth's bedroom (Woman, Doctor, Lady Macbeth)

Woman: Doctor, wait here. She will come to you.

Doctor: What? I thought you said it happens
when she is sleeping.

Woman: Ay! She walks and talks in her sleep.
Here she comes now, the Lady Macbeth.

(Lady Macbeth enters and pretends to be washing her hands.)

Lady Macbeth: Yet here's a spot.
Out damned spot! Out I say!

Doctor: Hark! She speaks!

Lady Macbeth: Who would have thought the old man,
would have so much blood in him?

Doctor: My word! Did you hear that?

Lady Macbeth: Malcolm had a father,
Fleance had a father,
and Macduff had a wife and children.
What! Will these hands never be clean!?

Doctor: Go to, go to,
You have heard what you should not.

Woman: She has spoke what she should not.
I am sure of that! (Woman exits)

Lady Macbeth: Here's the smell of blood still.
Will not all the perfumes of Arabia
sweeten this little hand?

Doctor: Oh, troubled soul!
Lady Macbeth: Wash your hands, my lord.
Do not look so pale.
There's a knocking at the gate.
To bed, to bed.
What's done cannot be undone.
To bed, to bed.

(Lady Macbeth walks to her bed and collapses.)

Doctor: She is in need of a priest, not a physician.

(Doctor exits)

Act V: Scene II
2 soldiers outside of Macbeth's castle

1st Soldier: Have you heard word about the approaching armies?

2nd Soldier: They say Malcolm and Macduff are on the move.

1st Soldier: How is our lord, Macbeth, doing?

2nd Soldier: Macbeth? Some say he has gone made with power.

1st Soldier: God save the King.

Act V: Scene III
Macbeth's Castle - Lennox, Macbeth, Soldier, Doctor

Lennox: Lord, what of the reported armies
led by Malcolm and Macduff coming to attack us?

Macbeth: Let them fly!
No harm can come to Macbeth
until Birnam Wood come to Dunsinane.
Was not Malcolm born of woman?
Was it not the weird witches who told me
to fear no one born of woman?

(Soldier runs in)

Soldier: My lord, my lord-

Macbeth: Speak! Speak!

Soldier: There are ten thousand-

Macbeth: Geese, villain?

Soldier: Soldiers, sir!

Macbeth: What soldiers?

Soldier: Armies led by Malcolm and Macduff.

Macbeth: Lennox, go get my armor!

Lennox: My lord, it is not needed yet.

Macbeth: I'll put it on!

(Doctor enters)

Macbeth: Ah, good doctor. how goes the patient?

Doctor: Not so sick, my lord, as she is troubled.

Macbeth: Cure her of that!

Doctor: Ah, my lord, but for this sickness
the patient must heal thyself.

Macbeth: Lennox, my sword.
Good doctor, have you heard
about the approaching armies?

Doctor: Ay, my lord.

Macbeth: I will not fear death or bane
until Birnam Forest come to Dunsinane!

Doctor (aside): Were I from Dunsinane away and clear,
Nothing will make me stay here!

(Doctor exits with his bag of belongings.)

Act V: Scene IV
Birnam Forest - Malcolm, Macduff, Soldiers

Malcolm: What woods are these?

Macduff: This is Birnam Forest.

Malcolm: Let every soldier cut down a tree,
we will use it as a shield to hide our numbers.

(Soldiers cut down trees.)

Act V: Scene V
Macbeth's Castle - Macbeth, Lennox, Lady Macbeth, Soldier

Macbeth: Are the soldiers ready?

(There is a loud woman's shriek)

What noise is that?
Lennox, go investigate.

Lennox: The queen, my lord, is dead.
Lady Macbeth is dead,
fallen from the castle.

(They walk over to her body)

Macbeth: She should have died hereafter;
there would have been time for such a word.
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Out now brief candle,
Life's but a waling shadow,
a poor player that struts and frets
his hour upon the stage,
and then is heard no more.

(Soldier enters)

Soldier: My lord, I should report what I did see,
but I don't know how.

Macbeth: Well, speak soldier!

Soldier: As I stood watch upon the hill,
I looked toward Birnam Forest,
and I thought I saw it move!

Macbeth: Liar and slave!

(other soldiers run in)

Soldiers: They come! They come!
(Fighting occurs. Many soldiers run away)

Act V: Scene VI
Lennox, Macbeth, Malcolm, Macduff, Soldiers

Lennox: My lord, the soldiers have fled away in fear.
We are trapped!

(Malcolm and Macduff and soldiers enter.)

Macbeth: Who is here that was not born of woman?
Such one am I to fear, or none.

(An enemy soldier gets ready to attack Macbeth. Macbeth stabs him.)

He was born of woman!

Macduff: Tyrant!

Macbeth: Of all the men, I have avoided thee.

Macduff: I have no words, my sword speaks for me.

(They fight. Macbeth stands over Macduff.)

Macbeth: I will not kill thee,
for I am to live a charmed life.
No one born of woman can harm me!

Macduff: Then yield, coward!
For I was untimely ripped from my mother's womb.

Macbeth: The witches speak true.
But I will fight to the end!

(They fight and Macduff kills Macbeth.
Macduff takes off the crown from Macbeth and places it on Malcolm.)

Macduff: All hail, King Malcolm!
All hail, king of Scotland!

All: All hail, King Malcolm!
All hail, King of Scotland!

The End