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Subject: Literature

#990. Poetry

Literature, level: Senior
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Poetry project
Mr. Zimmerman
English II
General information
You will be researching a poet. Select from the suggested poets below. No more than two students to a poet, so make sure you have your choice approved first!

A. (50%) Read 3 poems by the poet you choose (at least 15 lines each) and write a response to each poem, focusing on the elements of poetry we have identified in class. Do not select poems from the text. Each response must be one full page typed or two pages written. Make sure you include the following:
1. A brief background of the poet
2. Literary elements (diction, imagery, figurative language, and rhythm).
3. Personal reaction/ reflection on poem.
4. A copy of each poem.
B. (25%) Write one poem in the style of the poet of at least 15 lines. Specify which poem you are rewriting.
C. (10%) Write 2 poems of your own of at least 15 lines. You may not "recycle" poems that were assignments in my class.
D. (15%)Choose one of the activities below
1. You may read the poems and discuss their explication to the class
2. You may illustrate the poems and explain to the class what the illustrations mean and why they relate to the poem.
3. Other formats?

Suggested choices
Edgar Allen Poe
Maya Angelou
Robert Frost
Emily Dickinson
E E Cummings
Countee Cullen
Alice Walker
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Carl Sandberg
Other?? - Must be approved