Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

#992. California Biology Standard: Genetics

Science, level: Senior
Posted Fri Apr 16 09:00:28 PDT 1999 by Craig Domeyer (
Mr. D's Place
Oroville High School, Oroville, CA
Materials Required: PowerPoint 98
Activity Time: 12 - 14 days
Concepts Taught: Principles of Genetics: Teacher Package

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Outline of Lesson:

Genetics Standard Overview
Instructional Objectives
Instructional Design
Virtual FlyLab Overview
PedigreeLab Overview
Instructional Delivery
Day 1: Preassessment
Day 2: Why study Mendelian Genetics
Day 3: Review of Pea Flower
Lab #1: Mendel's Pea Plants
Day 4: Basic Genetic Terms
Day 5: Mendel's First Hypothesis - Inherited Factors Come in Pairs
Problem #1: Monohybrid Cross of agouti mice carried to F1
Interactive solution to Problem #1
Additional Monohybrid Problems
Day 6: Mendel's Second Hypothesis - Principle of dominance and recessiveness
Problem #2: Monohybrid cross of agouti mice carried to F2
Interactive solution to Problem #2
Day 7: Lab Application
Lab #2: Virtual FlyLab a: female black body X normal male carried to F2
Day 8: Mendel's Third Hyposthesis - Law of Segregation
Day 9: Mendel's Fourth Hypothesis - Law of Independent Assortment
Problem #3: Dihybrid cross of round, yellow X wrinkled, green pea plants carried to F2
Interactive solution to Problem #3
Day 10: Lab Application
Lab #3: Virtual FlyLab b: ebony male X vestigial female
Day 11: Sex-Linked Genes
Problem #4: Sex-linked white-eyed flies X normal red-eyed flies carried to F1
Interactive Solution to Problem #4
Lab #4: Virtual Flylab c: Cross involving white-eyed flies carried to F2

Day 12: Incomplete Dominance
Problem #5: Red snapdragons x white snapdragons carried to F2
Interactive solution to Problem #5
Day 13: Pedigree Charts
Example: Dominant (autosome) Trait Pedigree
Example: Recessive Trait Pedigree
Example: Sex-Linked Trait Pedigree
Day 14: Lab Application
Lab #5 PedigreeLab
Step-by-Step Directions for PedigreeLab
Universal Access
Instructional Materials
Technology Tasks
Basic Genetics Links, Lab Links, and Standards Link