Re: 6 traits in kindergarten ????

    On 7/05/10, Judith wrote:
    > On 7/05/10, Nancy wrote:
    >> Just heard from principal: this year using 6 traits. I
    >> teach kindergarten. Please help! Many questions! Does it
    >> work? Good/appropriate resources? Any info much
    >> appreciated.
    > Dear Nancy,
    > This could be fun! Kinders are delightful, and they have so
    > many (original, mistaken, funny, charming, strange) ideas in
    > their heads! I suggest you tap in to those ideas to start.
    > Keep a large piece of butcher paper where they can reach it,
    > and start them off with labeled pictures of things they can
    > write about. Let them add pictures of their own, and when they
    > tell you what they've drawn, label the pictures. If there are
    > labels on the pictures, they have a word to copy for their own
    > drawings,-and lets be honest,-they probably won't be writing
    > sentences until close to the end of the year, if at all.
    > There are many, many 6-trait resources on the web, so do a
    > little digging and surfing to find them. Your daily
    > mini-lessons can be about the letter of the week, about the
    > vocabulary for the science you will be teaching them, about
    > action words, etc. Their writing can be a drawing of them and
    > a cat, or another family member, or a trip to the store, or
    > their favorite dinner,-the possibilities are endless!
    > You can also find scoring rubrics on the web,-be sure you find
    > and use the one for beginning writers. Don't expect too much
    > sophistication, but also don't let them get away with doing
    > nothing. Schedule regular writing conferences with them, and
    > hold them accountable!
    > Once a month, have them choose their best piece of writing for
    > their writing portfolio. To make a portfolio, use 5 pieces of
    > large 12X18 construction paper, and fold it in half to make
    > pages. Glue or tape their selected piece to the pages, in
    > order. Both you and they will be able to see their progress
    > over the course of the year.
    > I hope this helps and gets you started. Have fun!
    > Judi
    I like the idea of the papers in a row to show growth. We use
    6 traits and would love to know how you incorporate some of
    the harder traits in kindregarten?!