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Received the orders yesterday, but do not know where to start to process the HHG/UB and POV.
Wilma In the email with the orders, there should be some instructions. That explained how to access the websites you need. You need to contact the closest base to you. Plus there is some items you need to do online. As for POV, you need to get the car to the closest Vehicle Processing Center. You can google the address for them and contact directly. Sorr...See More
Aug 12, 2017
Shenna JJ..When did you get your tentative offer? Trying to see how the time line is going right now.
Aug 12, 2017
JJ I received my tentative offer June 1. And I don't want to share the drama of why it has taking so long to received my orders. I received a phone call yesterday saying that they have assigned me a new HR rep. Low and behold, My new HR sent me an email saying she will work on my case, then I received an email from the passport/visa rep with all the f...See More
Aug 12, 2017
haha @ JJ: Congrats on finally getting orders (and for sticking with it). Someone who has gone through the process more recently may be able to answer more accurately. From my understanding/recall the branch of service you choose should be the branch of the post/base you are going to. The rank/grade is generally something like CIV/GS EQ 11 (which transl...See More
Aug 12, 2017

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