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Hi. I am wanting to apply to teach at a DODEA school in Korea. I currently live in Korea with husband and 3 children. I'm wondering if this limits my application to Local hire? Would this automatically prohibit me from applying Conus? I know that getting on as a local hire would mean no housing allowance, which would be a great plus. More importantly, would applying as a local hire increase my chances of getting hired?
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Frank I was hired last year and excessed to a new location this year. Each year I've had to complete an "LQA determination form" that asks very specific questions about where you've lived and worked for the last 2 years, (e.g. where you were physically when you applied, where were you physically when you received the job offer, from the time you applied ...See More
Sep 11, 2019
Linda DodeaHopeful, thank you so much for that clarification. I didn't realize that I would automatically fall under the category of local hire.

When I looked into international schools many years ago while residing in Korea, I was given the advice of attending intl school job fairs stateside and if hired, would receive a full benefits package....See More
Sep 11, 2019
DodeaHopeful Linda, If you were a local hire you would receive your base salary and post allowance for just you. Base salary can be found on the website, and I'd estimate post allowance to be anywhere from $200-300 a pay check during the school year. Your kids could go to DoDEA schools for free. You would have access to health benefits. You must work at least 3...See More
Sep 12, 2019
Linda DodeaHopeful, thank you for your reply. Very helpful information. I'll try to look more into the retirement and health benefits. I thought I read somewhere that retirement benefits begin after 3 years. I'm also wondering whether my husband and kids would be considered my dependents and also be eligible for health benefits.
Sep 12, 2019
BusinessShan They start paying into retirement when you start. There is a 3 prong retirement...1. federal retirement system 2. Thrift Savings Plan with a match (like a 401k or 403b) and 3. Social security. If you leave before you are vested you keep what you paid in. Take advantage of the full 5% tsp match and choose the right investment types. Yes, your spouse...See More
Sep 12, 2019

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