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I appreciate everyone's help and advice as I try to navigate through this application process!

I have questions regarding the DoDEA form 5011 - Verification of Professional Educator Employment for Salary Rating Purposes.

What if our former supervisor/employer is no longer working at the former school of employment (either retired or transferred schools). Is it ok for him/her to still fill out form 5011, or does the form have to be completed by someone who is currently employed there?

As a sidebar, I am asking my former supervisor/employer to also fill out the Professional Evaluation form 5013 on my behalf and thought I should request both forms to be filled out at the same time.
haha Someone from HR (or a secretary) generally fills out the employment verification form since all it requires is verification of your position and dates of employment. I would not have your former supervisor verify your employment since they may want to follow up to verify. Even if they don't, having non-official contact information on the form could...See More
Sep 22, 2019
uh89 It's very likely that you may already have a copy of copies of it. When I left DoDDS I actually was given copies of my 5011 every time something in my file was updated, even minor clerical updates. If you have your paperwork from your previous DoDEA position, look through and check to see if any of the forms have the 5011 number on it. The very las...See More
Sep 22, 2019
uh89 CORRECTION: It was my 5013 form that headquarters always sent to me. The 5013 is what is uploaded on my EAS application.
Sep 22, 2019
uh89 ONE MORE CORRECTION: Sorry for all this...but the form DoDDS kept sending me was my SF-50 form which is also uploaded in my EAS application.
Sep 22, 2019

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