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Is it better to stay in a hotel upon initial arrival (Air Force Inns) or a hotel in town? Wondering about ease...finding food, etc. I'm not sure what access we have to things to e need until CAC card is done, driving test, etc. any input is greatly appreciated! I would not have the understanding that I do about processes were it not for this board!
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questionsallday What did your sponsor suggest? The school made me a hotel reservation for when I first get there. It's in the center of town and 5 mins from the school. I do have some concerns about how I'm gonna get to and from the base until I have my car or rent a car. My sponsor said she would be picking me up and dropping off, but I'm still nervous about it.
Sep 22, 2019
Angela @questionsallday We are arriving Sunday! We opted to stay in the TDY apartment in Ktown. I have someone picking me up for school on Monday. Principal just notified me that we CAN take driving test ahead of time. I'll share the specific info when I get it! If you have already done this, please share! I went to website and registered and heard nothin...See More
Sep 23, 2019
questionsallday For some reason I still can't log into the driving test! It says I need a CAC card. I'll just wait to take it when I get there... I feel like something is going wrong with my login. I arrive Thursday morning and going to get my CAC card that afternoon. Did they tell you when we are expected to start working?? Are you starting the Monday you get the...See More
Sep 23, 2019
Angela flying in Sunday and going to work on Monday! Our movers only had a 10 day turn around time, so we are not flying out until Saturday here. I'm not sure what is going on with the driving test. DG said we can take it ahead of time, but I've asked for clarification. I'll share if I get it before you leave. Safe travels and see you on Monday!
Sep 23, 2019
someday You need to have your sponsor set up an account on JKO for you and then you can take the course and test. FYI, its brutal. A 200 question practice test and then a 100 question final from what I remember.
Sep 24, 2019

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