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I was reading the meeting minutes between my district superintendent and the NEA. One of the hot topics was the transfer round. Rumors of Tom Brady saying that the transfer round is coming back this summer are true, however it will look different. No other details were provided.
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Soda I'm new to DODEA. What does that mean?
Nov 18
Soda I'm new to DODEA. What does that mean?
Nov 18
haha None of us really know. In the past, you could sign up for the transfer round, list preferred locations and/or schools, jobs, etc. and they would match people with open positions based on matching certifications, years of service, years at current location, hardship location, etc. There was a whole tier of ratings A+ through F based on location, ye...See More
Nov 18
Icanread There have been a few posts on the DoDDS Facebook page, as well as the DoDDS griping Facebook page. Lots of hearsay and rumors at this point...
Nov 18
Icanread It would be great to have some kind of timeline so we know when to expect information.
Nov 19

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