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Nothing yet. Anyone getting anything?
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uh89 I just got a referral for Osan MS in S. Korea. So things are getting a bit more active.
DODEA or Bust Do you mind saying what position?
Mar 25
uh89 Secondary music.
haha I was playing around with my EAS the other day when someone had asked a question about target job or something and apparently made myself active.

I got a referral for PR/Antilles. :D
Icanread I know that schools are overwhelmed with the transition to online teaching/learning. Plus, at this point, nobody is PCSing (moving) for at least 2 months. I'm guessing that could easily be extended, depending on the pandemic situation in 6 weeks. Even if you were offered a job for August, there is going to be a huge back load of people who need to ...See More

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