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If I email HR with the list of courses in the master's program I'm currently pursuing, would they be willing to tell me if it would count towards qualification for a position? Or do I just have to wait until I obtain the degree and wait until someone reviews my qualifications in the EAS?
haha HR "should" be able to give you some feedback if you are specific with the courses and target positions you are seeking.
nina Thanks, I will give it a try then.
Mar 29
Bluepillows Actually, what HR email address do you use to ask these kinds of questions? I have been wondering if I am contacting the right HR...
Mar 29
haha There is pretty much just the one email posted on the EAS page and no phone numbers for candidates to call these days (last I saw). Maybe it just comes down to who receives your email (I assuming incoming emails get directed to different people).
Mar 31
HelpOthers I would suggest adding course descriptions.

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