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It's a mildly misleading title but I was wondering about timeframes after an interview. It seems like for local hires the interview season is underway in Oki. My first interview I don't feel like I got it, but the second one I had I feel more confident in. The kicker is I have another interview tomorrow too.

I know it can be a gamble to accept or decline an offer if you are hoping for a certain school. So any thoughts on how long it takes to hear from HR? The schools seem eager to put in their candidates. The schools I talked to said that it could be around a week or so.

Also, is it a thing to only get selected for a certain grade? I'm qualified K-6 but I'm only getting referrals for kinder... Not complaining but I think it is a little strange. Lastly, I find it interesting that one school is a phone interview without the grade-level team and the other interviews are in person or through Google Meets with their grade-level teams.

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okihope @haha I'm just hopeful! I feel like I had pretty good interviews with the last two schools. We will see what plays out.

@Icanread :D That's amazing! I feel like Zukeran and Bob Hope might be possible, finger crossed. I would be happy with either one for sure. I think both have some major positives. I wished I could have met the team for Bo...See More
okihope Update: I received a tentative offer from Zukeran! :) The turn around was three days including day of interview. I'm amazed!!
haha Welcome aboard!
Icanread Okihope - go join the Facebook page "Dodds teachers living the Okinawa dream." You will be able to connect with teachers locally. Congrats!!
Lindsey Congratulations!

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