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I'm confused, I thought there was a medical form as part of the hiring process but HR told me today there is no physical required for my position. What is the medical form then?
Icanread Maybe it depends on the country you are going to. For Okinawa, I had to do a medical screen.
haha My understanding was that all new hires needed the physical, but maybe something has changed. Then again, don't be surprised if you get an email out of the blue asking you for your completed physical form.
haha For overseas positions.
MsW It literally is listed on the website as part of the process for all overseas hires. So... I was hoping if that was the case to just go and get it done.
HelpOthers It is not part of the application process, but is part of the hiring process for those going to foreign countries (and maybe territories?).

I took mine to the clinic on a military installation near me. They have an occupational department that did it for me, but I had to have the form from HR indicating exactly what they needed done. My s...See More

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