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I am wondering if there are actually ANY local hires out there or if this is a mythological position that gives mil spouses false hope. (Don't even get me started on the military spouse preference because that's not a thing in DoDEA). I have been living overseas for over a year now. I have had at least 10 referrals, 5 interviews and NO OFFERS. I have K-6 Elementary, 7-12 ELA, 7-12 Science, K-12 CTE STEM, K-12 Principal and K-12 Special Education Admin Certifications. I am also midway through my PhD in Instructional Design and Technology. I have taught for over 10 years in grades ranging from 3rd to 8th in various subjects. I am struggling to understand the thought processes of hiring someone from the states (the cost of moving families over here) verses hiring highly qualified LOCAL teachers. I have several teacher friends who are in the exact same boat as myself. Our careers have completely been halted by a forced military move, yet no one can provide answers as to why they will not h...See More
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ms896 There are several local hires/ Mil spouses at my school. It's definitely a thing :)
Icanread The last school I was at had about 50% of the teachers who were local hires and mil spouses.
Jun 15
Wishful thinking.... I just became a local hire in Okinawa after being a substitute this part year... I was a long term sub for 2 different teachers.
educatormama My school has many local hires. We also have several teachers who I would consider to be overqualified for teaching positions with many years of experience, multiple certifications with Master's degrees and beyond. I'd follow the advice of others and substitute to get your foot in the door. I have heard that local hires don't often get hired for ad...See More
Jun 20
Chris Thank you everyone for your responses. I will keep doing what I am doing, substitute and wish for the best.
Jun 23

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