Re: Comp 4 Evidence

    I have this same question. Please share what NB says when they
    reply back to you. :)

    On 3/19/17, Jamie wrote:
    > I had this same exact question too! I actually emailed NBCT
    > regarding this because I have a running list of my
    > "observational data" and collaboration with colleagues,
    > including parent suggestions too.
    > On 3/09/17, Nicole wrote:
    >> On 3/09/17, Beth wrote:
    >>> Rather than piecing together evidence from emails, a
    >>> single question from a survey and/or assessment data from
    >>> previous years, is it appropriate to submit 2 pages from
    >>> a spreadsheet where I compile much of this information at
    >>> the beginning of the year? My spreadsheet shows state
    >>> assessment data, behavior/work habit/academic
    > information
    >>> about student learned from previous year's teacher, and
    >>> information learned from intervention teachers. I
    >>> typically just make notes on this spreadsheet throughout
    >>> the year, including after parent communications. This
    >>> will show the information I obtained, and I will explain
    >>> HOW I obtained it in my writing. Does this seem like an
    >>> appropriate approach to providing evidence?
    >> That is what I was thinking about doing. I am still unsure
    >> of exactly how to format it. I like your format!