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Is anyone out there just starting their NB journey, or getting ready for Year 2 or even 3? What questions do you have? Will you be working on C4 this year? If so, be prepared to hit the floor running!
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whatworks Rating yourself as "developing" wouldn't be a hindrance. It would be an honest self-reflection of where you are at a particular moment in time. I don't see any issue with using that designation. Whatever documentation you submit is considered as supporting materials. You'll show your inclusion of the standards also within the Written Commentary, th...See More
KayLMS It's me again with a new question. I am developing a hyperdoc driven unit for C4 and am including formative and reflective assessments via Google forms throughout with a big reflection at the end. I am reading the C4 instruction to include "Examples of 3 students' use of self-assessment" and am wondering if they want 3 students responding to one se...See More
Oct 14
whatworks You can go either way. Having 3 students respond to the SAME self-assessment is the most common choice - and the simplest in my opinion - but it's your choice.
Oct 16
anita I am just starting this process. I am doing MCGen. I am trying to decide what components to do. I think I want to do 2 parts now and 2 next time. What are your suggestions? Since I haven't really gotten started, do you recommend C2 and C3? I teach math and science for 4th graders. I had students write as if they were a droplet going through the wat...See More
Nov 26
rcnlooes I just registered and bought all components! I teach music and will be attempting to obtain a MCGeneralist certification.

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