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Re: students rating teachers, by name, online - better idea

    On 8/17/04, Kim wrote:
    > I agree that rate my teacher is a big load of BS. For all we know, one
    > student with one bad grade can enter a million bad comments. I do
    > it's absurd that they profit by manipulating kids and spreading
    > Isn't this slander? Do I have to stand for untrue things being posted
    > about me for years?
    > KimThey aren't manipulating kids, you idiot. Kids always make bad comments
    about teachers, they don't just do it on the internet. It's called
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It's not slander because no one in their right mind
    would take things said on that site seriously.

    Why are there so many ignorant people on this site? Seriously, there was
    like 20 people in the prayer thread that either:
    1. Didn't bother reading the thread and just posted the same crap that
    countless others had already said.
    2. Had no idea what they were talking about.