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Re: students rating teachers, by name, online - better idea
The best way to avoid standing it for years

    Is just to never visit the site. Then it shouldn't bother you. I'd
    imagine few adults go there anyway. It seemed to want to take forever to
    load on my machine, and then there were three or four screens to navigate
    past to get anywhere anyhow. I gave up. I guess if there are
    kids on there writing "she's impatient and easily bored," I have no right
    to complain. Really, I'd equate the site with kids writing stuff on the
    desk about you. And if students are going there writing all kinds of
    untrue nonsense about their teachers, I'll bet there are also a small
    percentage of teachers who go their pretending to be students and writing
    glowing assessments of themselves.Anyway, I tell my snippy kids, "I'm not hear for you to like me. I'm
    hear to teach you English."

    On 8/17/04, Kim wrote:
    > I agree that rate my teacher is a big load of BS. For all we know, one
    > student with one bad grade can enter a million bad comments. I do think
    > it's absurd that they profit by manipulating kids and spreading gossip.
    > Isn't this slander? Do I have to stand for untrue things being posted
    > about me for years?
    > Kim