Re: The Help (Chapters 5 - 7)

    I've had a hard time responding because I have read ahead and
    don't want to mention anything that occurs later in the book.

    But about this section, what I find interesting is the women
    in Skeeter's life. We don't really "know" Constantine but we
    met her mother- a less-than-progressive mother who advocates
    for marriage, Hilly- the social leader of Jackson, and even
    Elizabeth- a passive mother and follower of Hilly. These
    personalities bounce off and constrast so with Skeeter, having
    finished college and somewhat rejecting the MRS degree (that
    is, having attended college only to graduate and get
    married). I like how the author has created such deep
    characters... even if I don't care for all of the women in
    Skeeter's life.