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I read mostly the beginning of Skeeter yesterday. What a hoot that Abilene is answering all her cleaning questions for tne newspsper.

What in the world can be the deal with Constantine getting fired????

How sad about the baby getting spanked for using Abeline's bathroom.

And when the chapter ended with Minny hiding from that lady's husband I tried to find the next Minny chapter to see what happened but couldn't find it.

Your thoughts?

Still haven't read the link due to not wanting to possibly read the spoiler.
amysaidit I've had a hard time responding because I have read ahead and don't want to mention anything that occurs later in the book.

But about this section, what I find interesting is the women in Skeeter's life. We don't really "know" Constantine but we met her mother- a less-than-progressive mother who advocates for marriage, Hilly- the social l...See More
Jun 13, 2009
Susan/SC Stockett has done a great job with these characters. I am enjoying them all - even the evil Hilly, and the frustrating Mother. I again found things that made me laugh - the editor looking at Skeeter's impressive college resume and saying "didn't you have any fun?" and Mother's reaction when she gets the Miss Myrna job, "oh the irony of it"
...See More
Jun 14, 2009
cjode yes, I agree..the characterization is wonderful. I find myself laughing out loud, REALLY....and my family glancing over at me. It has been a long time since I have found a book that I am having trouble putting down.

On 6/14/09, Susan/SC wrote: > Stockett has done a great job with these characters. I am > enjoying them all - even the...See More
Jun 14, 2009

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