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    Re: Student Who Lies
    Vet eran Counselor

    On 9/02/11, JAR wrote:
    > Does anyone have any ideas for working with a fifth grade
    > girl who lies?

    Lying is a much more common behavior among people - adults as
    well as children - than we like to admit. We have several
    phrases like - 'stretching the truth', 'white lies', 'fibbing',
    'bending the truth' all of which are euphemisms for lying. "The
    traffic was terrible" is a common lie that many adults use to
    explain why they're late to work - though the traffic is often
    indeed terrible it's usually not the reason we're late but we
    lie and say it is.

    So that a 5th grade girl would lie isn't out of keeping with
    the culture of which she's a part. Goodness, we find lying at
    the highest levels of society including Presidents of
    corporations and Presidents of countries - so we have to
    understand why a child might think that lying is commonly done
    and even an acceptable response.

    The question is - on what occasions does she lie? Is there some
    common and repetitive problem that she lies to contend with?
    Her homework?

    To consider her lying, it would be essential to know in what
    circumstance(s) she's lying. Her mother is ill and she fantasy
    lies that her mother is well? She's late to school because
    aliens abducted her? The dog ate her homework?