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Hi, I have been reading several of the posts on this board and have found them to be extremely helpful and thought- provoking. I am certified pre-K-8 teacher who will be a substitute in an Urban school district. I have actually subbed as an uncertified teacher in a more rural district and absolutely loved it, however the number of jobs openings are limited. So, I am headed for a larger district with more opportunities for beginning teachers. I also feel that I could make the most difference with the students.

Anyway, I am going to be with pre-K-8 for the most part, but I may do 9-12. Most of my experience has been pre-K-5. My biggest concern is classroom discipline, and how to handle the attention seekers and ring leaders. I look a bit younger than I am. And many see a sub as day off.

My plan is to exude a firm and respectful persona. I will stand at the door and greet students as they enter the room. I may also hand them a bell worksheet to begin working on, please a...See More
Long term HS Sub On 10/09/11, Rachel wrote:

Adding your own rules puts the hair up on their backs - just a heads up. It suggests that their teacher's rules aren't good enough. Also beware that in these times in which we live, you're a stranger. Subbing is extra hard now that we've taught children to be wary of strangers. Be careful not to appear heavy-han...See More
Oct 10, 2011
Michael This always worked when I was a sub:

I have Mrs. X's plan here. We will work through it. Depending on how well you work determines your free time at the end of class. Sound good?

Mrs. X has also instructed me to take names of any student who chooses to disrupt the learning of other students. Please begin...

On 10/10/11...See More
Oct 12, 2011

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