Re: first time 5th grade teacher
    Mae in Texas

    There are so many books...where to begin? I keep a range of book
    club books in my room. I have 12 book boxes with 4-5 copies of
    different titles ranging from 2nd grade reading level to 6th
    grade and up with every level in between. Most of my books range
    in 4th- 5th. Some of the titles I have in my boxes (going on
    memory here - posting from home):

    Because of Winn Dixie Sarah, Plain and Tall Tales of a 4th Grade
    Nothing The Kid Who Ran for President Number the Stars Hatchet 11
    Birthdays Savvy Caddie Woodlawn The Chalk Box Kid The Chocolate
    Touch Bound for Oregon Maniac McGee Bridge to Terabithia Castle
    in the Attic Old Yeller Stone Fox Princess Academy

    There are more, but that's all I can think of at the moment. Take
    a look at the Newbery list and your state reading lists (Texas
    has a Bluebonnet list each year). Each group of kids is
    different. You will want to work on collecting a variety of
    genres, reading levels, complex and simple texts; as well as
    books that appeal to girls, boys, and both.

    Sarah, Plain and Tall is one of my favorite read aloud books. I
    go back to it again and again throughout the year to teach
    different reading and writing skills & strategies. Mae

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