Re: no child left behind?

    Since no one else has answered your question I will attempt to
    give you an answer. No child left behind does not refer to
    retaining students.

    It is a broader idea of not leaving children behind in life
    because they do not have the basic skills for success.

    There could be more than one reason a chld has received the
    best grades this year. Did she receive some of her
    instruction from a special or support teacher. I had students
    this year who received better grades than they had in past
    years. They were not always doing regular fourth grade
    classroom work. Some were doing third grade work and some
    were even lower.

    On 6/27/11, sarah weigand wrote:
    > My mother has decided to hold my little sister(9 yrs old)
    > back in the fourth grade. She has recieved her best grades
    > ever this year. She has ADD, but I(24 years old) do not see
    > a real reason why she shouod be held back. My mother said
    > that she talked to the school and asked them to hold her
    > back because she was "immature". Can my mother and the
    > school legally hold her back with the No Child Left Behind
    > Program???